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ZAP Philippines
In case you haven’t noticed (I mean, if you’re not following me on social networking sites haha), I’ve been going out a lot lately. My bff and I just never run out of places to explore and foods to try. It’s fun, but unless you have an unlimited supply of money, there’s no denying that eating at different restaurants, watching movies or even working out (like gym and yoga) can make you go broke at times. Well, at least for me! Hahaha That is why I love sale, discount coupons and the likes! C’mon, who doesn’t, right? So, if you’re like me who loves spending “wisely” (lol) and getting the most out of your money, listen up coz I have great news for you! 🙂


Anyone here familiar with ZAP Philippines? It’s a rewards program that lets you earn 2% to 20% Cash Back points at various establishments just by using your mobile number. Cool, right? All you need to do is register your mobile number online and I suggest you use this link It’s a referral link that will give us both 50 points which is equivalent to P50. If you don’t want to use this link and just wanna sign up on your own, you may do so too, but you won’t be getting the extra 50 points.
After signing up, start earning points by visiting and purchasing from any of ZAP’s partner merchants (they have over 350 partners). Just inform the staff that you have a ZAP account and they will let you enter your registered mobile number on the ZAP terminal. If you don’t want to keep typing your mobile number every time you visit a store, you may avail of the ZAP tag which costs P100 and just tap away! But the ZAP tag is not a requirement so it’s your choice. I actually don’t have a ZAP tag yet. Haha
These Cash Back points are good as cash. 1 point = 1 peso. You may use it on your next purchases and it’s like getting a discount! And by the way, you can also download their app from the App Store and Google Play so you can check out their partner establishments, their locations and all the other details. Register now and start earning points! 🙂 For more information, visit ZAP Philippine’s website.
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