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What’s In My Shopping Bag

What’s In My Shopping Bag

What’s In My Shopping Bag
One of my favorite online shops, Romwe, is having a sale right now. Up to 70 % off on 800 + styles until October 15! I’m fighting the urge to shop as I write this blog post but then it’s hard to say no to those awesome items especially if you’re not feeling good emotionally. Sooo, to indulge myself a little, I went over the sale items and chose a few ones that I plan to buy in the near future. Haha! Here are my top picks:

I’ve always wanted this Biscuit & Ice Cream Print Hoodie since God knows when. I find it cute, cool and yummy. Haha! I was about to buy this from a different online shop last week but changed my mind coz it wasn’t my priority back then. But now that it’s on sale, I do not know what priorities mean anymore! LOL Another one which I’ve been dreaming of for quite a while now is this Floral Printed White Irregular Sweater. I think I saw some local online shops selling this already. I hope it doesn’t become too mainstream before I get one for myself. Hihi
Denim cut offs. No words can explain how much I love them.
Love wearing white t-shirts, especially if they come in cute prints like these! :3
For laid back days, I usually opt to wear loose tops. This button down shirt is the perfect choice if you’re too lazy to dress up but still wanna look smart and polished. On the other hand, this Lip & Eyelash Striped T-shirt is the type of shirt I would wear on a typical casual day. Too bad it’s out of stock already! :(((
Houndstooth lovin’!!! How can you not say yes to this midriff vest and yellow-blue skirt? Drooling over this pair!!! ♥♥♥
Not sure if I can pull these two off, but I’m totally digging these Drawstring Deep Grey Set and Retro Stamps Pattern Dress! Might consider the first one as my work out/ jogging outfit coz pretty clothes make me want to exercise regularly. Haha! But nothing’s cooler than this dress with stamps on it! Haven’t seen anything like this before! So chic.
Finally, for the last item in my shopping bag, I chose this Dropping Blood Print Black Skirt. Halloween is just around the corner so I thought of including something that I would wear if I will have to attend a Halloween Party. What do you think? Check out their Halloween Collection if you want to see the other designs.
So, what do you think of my Romwe finds? Which one do you like best? Let me know! 🙂
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