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Walking Street

Walking Street

Walking Street

So after drinking our free margaritas, Ma’am Agnes (a colleague from work) and I went back to our room and took a shower. We were so tired and sleepy but still, we forced ourselves to get dressed for our night strolling in Pattaya. We want to explore the place and check out some bars or clubs like what we have in Boracay.


Sorry for the photos, guys. I have little knowledge on camera settings. Lol


After this, we went to Walking Street where the “bars” and “clubs” were said to be located. We rode something that looked like a jeepney and took pictures of everything that we found amusing. An example is this guy over here.
When he saw me taking pictures, he brought out his iPhone and pretended to take my photo, too (or maybe he actually did). LOL
Finally, we’re here! I’m excited to go bar hopping!



I was slightly taken aback when I saw this. The whole street was lined with Go-Go bars and nightclubs! Clearly, this isn’t what I’m expecting! LOL Not that I mind, though. There’s nothing wrong with these clubs (I mean, we also have it here in the Philippines), but I just felt weird standing in the middle of that street like a lost child. Hahaha And take note, ‘di pinansin ang beauty namin dito! Scroll down to know why! 😛


Because this is Thailand, guys. I don’t wanna elaborate more but if you watched The Hangover Part 2 then you would know why. 🙂 Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the clothes that they’re selling along the sidewalk. I remember spotting a shirt that says, “Good guys go to heaven. Bad guys go to Pattaya.” Or at least something like that. Haha! :))
The energy was unbelievable too! Everyone was alive and kicking at 3 AM in the morning. And when we decided to go back to our hotel, we were slightly caught in traffic. After almost 30 minutes, we reached our hotel and immediately fell asleep. Lol We were so tired from all the walking that we did. I think that’s why they called it “Walking Street”. haha Okay, I’m not making sense anymore. Let’s move on!
The following day, we were scheduled to go back to Bangkok already. We will be picked up at around 1 PM so we woke up early and ate our breakfast at around 10 AM. As I enter the hotel’s restaurant, I was  like, “Whoaaa!!! Buffet kung buffet!” HAHAHA.





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Wasn’t able to take photos of everything (syempre busy din ako sa pagkain! haha) but believe me, this was just 1/4 of the real thing! I felt bad not being able to try the fruits. JOKE. I mean, the bread. huhu 🙁 What am I thinking, blogging about this buffet at this hour?!? Made me hungry!
So, there you have it guys! The highlights of my recent trip to Pattaya. Will be blogging about Bangkok soon.  For now, outfit shot muna! haha Another sariling sikap! If there’s a will, there’s a way! HAHA
 Jar Clothing top | SM Accessories hat | Just Chic bracelets
Bubbles shorts | Janeo sandals
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