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Valentine’s Day at Samcheongdong

Valentine’s Day at Samcheongdong

Hey, guys! I’m back from my 6-day stint in The Amazing Race aka my recent trip to Japan. Lol You wouldn’t believe the amount of stress me and my friends had to endure in our entire stay in this country. It almost felt like I had a full-body workout–complete with body pain and muscle spasm. Haha I’m not sure if I should share the details of our misadventures, but one thing I’m telling you, I’ve never been so stressed and tired from a trip in my 28 years of existence. Lol But it’s definitely one hell of an adventure! Shout out to my girlfriends, Jana and Maru, for making everything bearable. Haha #aberyastoremember

Anyway, this post isn’t about my Japan trip. I won’t be sharing photos from it yet because for now, I’m taking you down memory lane with these photos from 2 years ago taken at Samcheongdong-gil in Seoul, South Korea. I am such a good blogger that I think it will take me another 2 years before I can blog about Japan, or even Bali. Lol Well, who knows, miracles do happen. Haha


I miss Seoul. Not the place per se, but the people I spent time with (Okay, maybe I kinda miss all the cute cafes and underground fashion boutiques too. Jamsil!!! huhu). I really want to go back and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance before I move to the other side of the world soon, God willing.


Fun fact: I didn’t know how to use chopsticks until I moved to Korea. It was also my first time to eat Korean food and had it there everyday (except for a few Sundays that I went to Burger King to get my favorite Quattro Cheese Whopper and Chicken Strips, haha).




South Korea has a strong coffee culture that I learned to drink coffee without getting palpitations and got addicted to it eventually.




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Samcheongdong is one of my favorite places in Seoul. I think I can survive an entire day here, jumping from one cafe to another. But my number 1 cafe hopping destination is still Garosu-gil. This area located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam has the best and cutest cafes in my opinion. Will try to share photos next time.




These photos were taken around this time of the month in 2015, on Valentine’s Day to be exact. It was my second week in Seoul.



That’s all for now. I’m currently trying different filters on my photos and would be happy to receive a feedback from you. Thank you and I hope you’ll enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. 🙂
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