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Universal Studios Singapore (Photo Diary)

Universal Studios Singapore (Photo Diary)

Universal Studios Singapore (Photo Diary)
It’s been a week already since I got back from Singapore and I think I’m having a slight separation anxiety with the place. You see, it’s been five years since I last went here and I can’t quite believe how much this place has changed since then. I’m not really familiar with all the new places but unlike before, they now have Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay (where you can find two conservatories–the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest) and of course, the famous Universal Studios Singapore. There are just so many pictures to share and stories to tell so to avoid bombarding you with a gazillion photos in one post, I decided to create a separate one for USS. But still, it’s a photo diary so expect to see a lot of photos! Hahaha I tried my best, guys, to choose only the best ones but the place is just too beautiful and perfect, it’s impossible to succeed in that task.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos! Didn’t bring my camera coz it’s too heavy so all of these were taken using camera phones only. Hope you don’t mind. 😉


I went with my niece, Aira, who is about the same age as me. LOL Joke Hahaha She’s only 18 and I’m…. secret! HAHA :)))



New York, New York! I will visit you someday! #fingerscrossed



The Transformers 4D was the best! Aira said I would’ve appreciated it more if I saw the movies (yes, I haven’t seen any of the 4. lol), but it’s ok coz I still enjoyed it. What more if I did, right? So exciting!
Look! It’s my planet! Harhar


Turned a corner and we’re coming down a red brick road lined with cozy shops and establishments. Feels like somewhere in Europe. Hmmm.


Passed by Cookie Monster and Marilyn Monroe on our way to Egypt! HAHA


See what I mean? I’m in Egypt! Hehe

Another mind-blowing experience was the Mummy Ride. I’m such a coward when it comes to riding roller coasters or anything that would include a rush of adrenaline so you can just imagine how I looked like and how loud I screamed. Thank God I made it. Haha So proud of myself. 😀
Meanwhile, in a kingdom far, far away….
…I met Puss in Boots and we lived happily ever after. Hahaha!
The line was short so we lined up with the kids and tried Shrek 4D. It was cute and definitely something the little ones would enjoy. 🙂


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The most talked about Battlestar Galactica was closed and I am more than happy and thankful for that. Lol Sorry, guys! I know a lot of you enjoy this ride but well, I don’t. Aira said she would force me to try it if it was open so thank heavens it’s not. The Mummy Ride was enough. Wehehe



At 5 PM, we watched the Rockafellas Street Dance Show. Not sure but I think it’s the same group as the famous Manila’s dance group before, the Streetboys. Anyone here who can clarify this to me?


Just as we were heading out, I saw my childhood hero! LOL It’s Betty Boop! ♥♥♥

So, that’s it! Hope you like the photos as much as I do. I really had fun at USS and I can’t wait to go back! Wish I can visit the other Universal Studios, too. Someday… I’ll get there. Thanks for reading, guys! More on my Singapore trip on my next posts! 🙂
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