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The Year That Was: My 2011 Highlights

The Year That Was: My 2011 Highlights

The Year That Was: My 2011 Highlights
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for dropping by (accidentally or intentionally) my blog. 😉 Just started with it yesterday and I’m still trying to find the right words to say. Haha
Well, for my first post, I decided to blog about My 2011. It has been one hell of a ride and I am beyond grateful to our Lord for the experiences, may it be good or bad, and the lessons that I acquired throughout the year. It wasn’t easy to choose which ones to post because I think I had fun all throughout the year and I can’t decide which ones are the best. Haha But, of course I can’t post everything so after browsing and looking through everything, I came up with this. Take a look! 🙂

House/store blessing and Mom’s 50th birthday
University of Santo Tomas Quadricentennial Celebration. Thomasian and proud! 🙂
Went clubbing again after a loooong time!
Our baby Posh! 🙂
Summer fun with college roommates/friends
Tagaytay road trip with Mom and Dad
Father’s day + Mom and Dad’s Anniversary at Power Plant Mall
Boracay blast with my bf and friendssss!
Dad’s 59th birthday at Power Plant Mall
My very first investment, Sony Bravia LCD TV
My 23rd birthday celebrations
Overnight at Imperial Palace Suites to celebrate with the birthday girls Keng, Zela and Abi
Seminar for Screening Drug Test Analysts (We passed! Yey!)
Awesome night with my girls from work (First time complete attendance. Haha)
First Christmas Eve with my boyfriend, James <3
Annual get together with my closest girlfriends, Dora Girls! Haha Love these girls so much!
 All smiles for 2012 with Mom and Dad
There you go. Thank you, 2011! I learned a lot from you. Thank you, Lord for making me realize that sometimes I also need to relax and live life one day at a time.  Thank you for the gift of life, for my family and bf, for my REAL friends, for all the blessings and hardships that made me stronger than ever!
Happy new year everyone! May this be a great year for all of us! 2012, bring it on! 🙂
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