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The Porch Life Project

The Porch Life Project

The Porch Life Project


Is the title familiar to you? If not, then that means you’re not following me on Instagram! Hahaha Kidding! 😛 If you noticed, I used this hashtag (#theporchlifeproject) on some of my IG photos which were taken during my recent trip to La Union. Some of you might be wondering what this hashtag is about (I actually got a number of messages asking me about this), so I decided to do a quick post about it tonight. It’s so hard to choose which photos to post coz, as usual, I took a bazillion photos! Haha

Anyway, the main reason why I went to La Union last April 12-13 is because I (together with some friends) was invited by my dear friend, Danica Gapuz, to visit their grape farm in Bauang, La Union. Gapuz Grapes Farm is the first vineyard that I visited and for someone like me who isn’t really a fan of grapes (or any other fruit for that matter), I can honestly say that the grapes here are the most delicious ones I have ever tasted (and most ideal-looking, too! haha)! I was eating grapes almost the whole day and I myself couldn’t believe it. You should have seen my mom’s reaction when she found out about it. She was like, “since when did you start eating grapes?!?” LOL. It was epic.


Relax. Sip. Pick. Surf. That’s what #theporchlifeproject means and that’s how we spent our 2-day stay in La Union. All thanks to the wonderful and very hospitable people behind Gapuz Grapes Farm. If you want to visit their farm and experience the awesome porch life that they provide, you may contact Danica Gapuz at 09155530951 or send them a message on their Facebook Page. Heard they will have another batch of pickers this first week of May so contact them ASAP if you want to reserve a slot. 🙂


In the meantime, here are some of the photos from my first grapes picking experience. The photos don’t do justice at all, though, coz I tell you the farm looks waaaay more beautiful than what you see here.


Aside from grapes, the farm also has corn, dragonfruit and other crops!



Here’s a sneak peek of my #porchlife outfit! Waha!



One of the highlights of this trip — Glacy Pinangay (one of the pickers) showing her modelling skills by posing with this cow! Haha Super funny!



The grapes were still changing colors when we went there so it was my first time also to see green grapes! So many firsts!


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With fellow bloggers Aris and Monica. Happy to know that Gapuz Grapes Farm is inviting more bloggers to be part of #theporchlifeproject.


Monica running around like a kid. So cute!

My harvest! Weeee :)))



I just realized that I failed to take group photos using my camera so I grabbed some photos from Cyrus Cabrera (one of the pickers and the official photographer of #theporchlifeproject) just to show you how fun and kulit my friends and I are!

That’s Danica in the middle. The Gapuz Grapes Farm Brand Manager and Heiress! Haha 😉

Again, would like to thank Danica and the whole Gapuz Family for being so accommodating! I hope to be back soon! As usual, more photos and outfit details on my next post. Thanks for visiting my blog today! 🙂
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