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The Fashion Blogger
The long wait is over! Chos. Well, here it is guys! Finally blogging about The Fashion Blogger which happened last June 2, 2013 at SMX Meeting Rooms 4-6. This was the first ever talk organized by Bloggers United which featured top fashion bloggers David Guison, Laureen Uy, Kryz Uy, Camille Co and Lissa Kahayon.
I arrived quite early at the venue (yes! early bird!) expecting to see long lines and a huge crowd waiting outside the entrance, but compared to the super jam packed Bloggers United Bazaar, this event was more private and relaxed (which I liked!).
There were free snacks for everyone. I forgot to take pictures coz I got too excited to eat these! (plus I didn’t bring my camera so sorry for the photos, these were all taken using my iPad) I don’t know what its called, so if you do, please tell me! Haha 😀
The first speakers were David Guison and Lissa Kahayon. They shared a lot about their personal experiences on blogging and photography. Talk about learning from the experts! Do’s and don’ts, right angle when taking outfit shots, camera settings — they got it all covered!
Lissa Kahayon with host Paul the PR Guy .

The audience was given a chance to ask questions after the talk and I was one of those who did (Bibo kid e! Haha). Special gifts were given to those who asked so yey! :))

Picture picture! This is my third time with Lissa.

First photo with David!
After LK and DG, it’s the Big 3’s turn on the spotlight! Get ready for Camille, Kryz and Laureen!
Just like Lissa and David, they also talked about blogging and photography but concentrated more on fashion. Yes to styling tips!

Kryz imitating Laureen’s pose while the latter was busy discussing about her blog’s design. Haha!

Laureen copying Camille’s hairstyle. Kulit!

Three girls from the audience were chosen by Kryz, Laureen and Camille to show their signature poses. Kryz and her reader was my favorite pair! Gayang-gaya lang! haha


The Big 3 also split up and talked about their strengths– Laureen on accessorizing, Camille on how to wear print on print and Kryz on hair and make up.

I love Kryz’ shoes!!! T_T Ankle strap heels are definitely part of my birthday wishlist for this year! *off topic* HAHA.

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I wish there will be more events like this. Not only did I learn a lot from this talk, it also served as  a wake up call for me. It reminded me of the reason why I decided to put up this blog one year ago- to share my love for fashion and hopefully, be an inspiration to others who want to show their passion to the world. As the saying goes, “never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about”. Well, in my case, it’s fashion! Haha Funny as it may sound but I think fashion has become a great part of my life. Fashion is my passion ika nga! Lol

With Kryz Uy. She’s so cute! Whyyyy haha!

Bakit ako naka-pout? Haha! With my forever idol, Camille. 🙂

Sorry for my disheveled hair! Excited lang magpapicture? Haha! With the original owner of my necklace, Laureen Uy!

Yay! Dream come true! #fangirl

I also gained a new friend from this event. Hi, Jocelle! 🙂 She took this photo as well as my photos with the Big 3, Lissa and David. Thank you sis! Too bad we do not have a photo together! 🙁 Bawi tayo next time!
And finally, freebies! (May take out pa na Tropicana! haha) Thank you Bloggers United for making this event possible! Looking forward to the next one! 🙂
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