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Thank You, Next

Thank You, Next

By the time this post gets published, I’ll probably be on my flight going to San Francisco. I’ve procrastinated way too much this year blogging-wise, hence the lack of blog content. I blame my short attention span and the millennial lifestyle I am trying to keep up with. Geez, it’s not easy to document your life online! I feel like if I’ll be constantly documenting everything that happens to me, then I won’t get to actually live in the moment. This has always been a struggle for me, will talk more about it later.


Obviously, this is a year-end blog post. I decided to include photos from my trip to New York back in April but I’m not going to talk about how that trip went. Like I’ve said before, I don’t do travel posts. I just like to add pictures to my blog posts cause I have a lot anyway so might as well put them here.



So how was your 2018? I was talking to a friend recently and I asked her to describe her 2018 in one word. I can’t remember the exact word she said but I think it was something like chaotic. I would have said the same for me but now that I think about it, chaotic might be too harsh/negative. I think whirlwind would be a more appropriate word.





So much has happened in 2018 it’s crazy, and I’m not going to lie it’s been a tough year for me. I won’t go into details anymore but let’s just say the experiences and emotions this year has brought me made me realize that I am stronger than I thought. I learned a few things here and there, some of these I will be sharing in this post.



Wherever you are right now is exactly where you need to be.

I am a planner– meaning I spend so much time planning things and that includes what I do in my life. I like to always be in control or at least feel secured that I am handling things okay. And I bet ya if I could have the power to look into my future, I would definitely take it. Personally, I think this is a good trait to have, just be careful not to go overboard. Sometimes I get too intense in planning that I become impatient when things don’t go as planned. I get this feeling every now and then that I should be in this certain stage by now doing this, enjoying that, etc. But you see, life doesn’t always work that way. There will always be bumps along the way and you will be sidetracked no matter how focused you are. What I learned is, while it is very important to have a plan and try to stick with it, you also have to learn to be flexible. As they say, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. It doesn’t hurt to be spontaneous once in a while. You can’t keep looking over your shoulder all the time and even if you can, please don’t. Life is already stressful as it is and the least that we can do is to stop worrying. Trust that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.



Choose to be grateful.
I’ve always been appreciative of what and who I have in life. I am easy to please; simple things make me happy. Being grateful comes naturally to me that even if things aren’t going very smoothly, I learned to always look for the silver lining. This year I found myself in difficult situations wherein my ability to appreciate things was put to test. I couldn’t believe how someone who I thought knows me well could say hurtful things about me. If I didn’t have the patience, I would have cut all ties with this person the second I found out about it. But I realized doing that won’t make the situation any better, at least for me. So I decided to just let it go and give them the benefit of the doubt. Whether it’s true or not, it doesn’t really matter. I know myself well enough not to care about what people think of me. After all, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. So I let them have it. I chose not to let it affect me and the relationship I have with this person because they’ve been a part of my life and helped me in so many ways.
I will always be grateful for the things they’ve done for me and no matter how much pain this experience caused me, I am thankful cause I learned something from it. Now I know better.


Live in the moment.
As much as I want to document everything that happens in my life, I also want to savor the moment and actually be in it. This is why I seldom post real time pictures on my Instagram (but thanks to IG story and Snapchat, I get to be a millennial and post quick updates). I know a lot of people can do both at the same time and how I wish I’m one of those people. I’ve tried a few times but it’s just not for me. I get exhausted right away (could be a sign of aging too I guess lol).


So anyway, what I’m trying to say here is I hope you always try to be in the moment. We live in a fast paced, digital world that sometimes it’s hard to keep our focus on what’s in front of us. Life is short and you only get to live it once (unless you’re a cat, lol. There goes my dad joke), so get off your phone, engage in a face to face conversation and socialize. Instagram can wait. 😉



Your passion is your purpose.
Okay, now we get to the best part of this post. One thing I’m completely sure about myself is that I love going out of my comfort zone. Not just in terms of traveling, but in every aspect of my life. Like say, in real life I’m an introvert but I don’t always appear as one because I try my best to interact and mingle with people. It’s not easy and that’s exactly why I like doing it. At first I thought I was just being experimental with my capabilities but over time I realized it’s something that I actually enjoy doing– it’s my passion.



One of the reasons why I decided to keep my blog despite not being able to update it as often as I used to is because I know I’ve inspired a handful of people through it. I started it back in 2012 when blogging wasn’t that big of a thing yet. And so I would post pictures of my outfits, talk about events I went to, do product/online store reviews, etc. I enjoyed it and apparently some people did too. But as I grew older, my interests changed a little bit and eventually I decided to stop blogging about fashion and started sharing more about my life experiences, thoughts and views with occasional entries on travel. When I made the big move last year and blogged about it, I got quite a response from people saying how I’ve inspired them to go outside of their comfort zone, chase their dreams, reinvent themselves, etc.




Some people may not get it and would think that all I do is take pictures for my blog and Instagram especially when I’m traveling (okay guys, it’s tea time lol) but here’s what I’ve got to say– don’t judge something you don’t understand. I’ve worked hard to be where I am right now, I think I have the right to document it the way I want to, right? And also, who doesn’t take pictures when traveling? Anyway, I’m not going to elaborate more cause really there’s no point in doing so. I do what I do because it’s my passion and it gives inspiration to some. My passion is my purpose. Period.




Thank you, next.
Finally we reached the end of this post. You are probably here reading this because the title caught your attention, am I right? If I misled you, my apologies, but there’s nothing relationship/breakup related in here. 😛





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My 2018 is themed ‘thank you, next’ because it’s the year I learned to let go of the things I can’t control. I’m probably not making sense here but that’s the best way I can describe it. No matter how much effort you put into something, if it’s not meant for you, then it’s not going to work out. I think this is applicable not only in relationships but life in general.
So now that we’re almost done with 2018, we say thank you for the lessons this year has taught us and of course the blessings it has brought us. It’s time to move to the next chapter.







I still have a few pictures left so I’m just going to dump them all in here.





It’s funny that at the beginning of the year I kind of had an idea as to how this year is going to play out for me. I was right for the most part except for the plot twist that happened very recently. I might talk about it on my next post. 😛



Thank you guys for reading. And thanks Ariana G. for my blog post’s title. Haha



Happy New Year everyone! All the best for 2019!
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  • Happy New Year Shayne! I adore these photos of yours! So love the colors. My 2018 hasn't been that great too but I wouldn't think of it as "chaotic", maybe challenging na lang. So much could happen in a year right? But here we are at 2019 and I'm having a great feeling about this year. Thank you for the tips. More love and blessings for us this year! 🙂

    love lots,

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