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Lately, I’ve been having a hard time updating my blog. It’s either I got home late from work, busy running errands for Just Chic, attended an event/important gathering, or sometimes, sick. Not that I’m complaining (I’m so thankful and happy with what I’m doing right now), but it’s gets frustrating when things don’t go the way you wanted it to. #controlfreak Blogging is so important to me that I tend to lose my patience even on the smallest things whenever I miss out on my schedule. During these times, my OC-ness will get the better of me that I’ll start hating myself coz my backlog of posts are starting to pile up already. Sadly, that’s what happened this month. I can’t believe it’s the last day of January tomorrow and I only had 4 blog posts (this one included) for this month! Huhuhu Wasn’t able to reach my target!

Anyway, I gotta stop this nonsense drama and just start working. The damage has been done so I got no choice but to move on. Haha #moveonmoveondin lol
These photos were taken at Blue Reef Mactan Island Resort in Marigondon, Mactan, Cebu. As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, James and I went to Cebu a few weeks back for the Sinulog. We do not have an itinerary for this trip (coz we’re prepared like that) so we (more of I, actually) decided to have a quick beach trip to start our 3-day vacation in the island. I wanted to go to Imperial Palace or Plantation Bay but realized that we won’t be making the most out of it since we got there (in Mactan) at around 1 PM and we have to leave at  4 or 5 PM coz we’ll be meeting my cousin for dinner at 7 PM. So just to satisfy my beach lover self, we chose to stay in Blue Reef Resort where we took some pictures, tried to swim (but I got afraid coz the waves were too, and enjoyed being reunited with the sand and (beach) water again! Cebu, really, has the prettiest beaches!
Wearing my favorite swimwear from Seventeen by Cinderella. Currently addicted to one-piece swimsuits! ♥


One of the many things that I love about Cebu is that you can go to the beach anytime you want in just 1 hour or less. Truth be told, I sometimes feel like I want to settle there for good just like what my Dad wants. If only I can bring my work and everything else that I’m doing here with me, I would definitely do it. Our entire clan is here (coz both of my parents are from Cebu) that’s why I consider this place my second home. And while I can’t leave my life here in Manila just yet, I plan to visit Cebu at least once every year so I won’t miss it that much. There are still so many places I haven’t seen yet in this island, so I have lots of reasons to keep coming back.


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Anyway, going back to our trip. James tried to measure the water’s depth and encouraged me to do the same. But I was such a scaredy-cat that I opted to just stay along the shores. Lol
We didn’t swim, actually. Haha Nagpicture lang kami! LOL
Can you guess what I’m doing in these photos? Taking selfies of course! HAHAHA To those who are following me on Instagram, sorry for flooding your timeline, guys. Minsan lang naman ako mag-selfie, promise. Wehehehe :3 And Cebu was too pretty kasi, can’t help not to post! 😛

And finally, to end this post is a collage of our couple selfies! This is James’ debut on my blog so sinulit ko na sa dami ng pictures. Hehe :)))

Cebu has been fun! I really can’t wait to be back. More blog posts soon about Sinulog and other stuff. For now, gotta go and get some rest. I’m not feeling well again. Hoho. Ciao!
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  • Nice post about Blue Reef. I went to Cebu thrice last year, but was so swamped with blog events and reviews that I didn't get to go to the beaches. I agree with you. I love Cebu even though I don't have any relatives from there and can't speak Bisaya, but I love the fact that the food's so cheap, the people are so friendly, and the air is so different from that of Manila's! I am going to live there one day, even though most companies pay provincial rate to their employees :<

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