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Capping off my day with an overdue outfit post. Can’t believe I forgot about this set! But then again, what’s new? I always forget about a lot of things. -_-


Good thing I still remember the details and story behind this look. If I’m not mistaken, I wore this number during one of those busy Sundays last January when I was out to do some errands. This combination–loose top + shorts + flats, is my go-to outfit every time I’m in a hurry to get dressed. It requires less effort and is so easy to style (especially if you have quite a number of pairs of shorts in your closet. trust me, I know. lol).
However, for this look, I decided to wear a sweater/hoodie instead of the usual loose top. You know how bipolar our weather can get, right? Well, that’s what happened during this day. It was raining in the morning so it was a little cold but the sun was up so still, it’s not that cold enough. Crazy weather!
Now, who’s loving my sweets print hoodie from PINKaholic? It looks so yummy, I wanna eat it! LOL Joke. But seriously, though. Whoever created this design is an absolute genius! It makes me crave for sweets every time I see it hanging in my closet. Yikes! :3
Also wearing my cute crown earrings from Just Chic! Can I now pass as a sweets princess? Haha! So corny my jokes! Wehehe By the way guys, I have an on-going giveaway here where I’ll be giving out cool stuff from Just Chic, iWhite Korea and The Face Shop. It’s sort of a Valentine’s treat to my readers so I hope you can join. Yes? It’s until Feb. 17! 🙂
Gotta love this pair! Always catches attention wherever I go. ♥
Hoodie: PINKaholic
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Moy
Earrings: Just Chic
How do you like my outfit guys? Would love to know! Hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia! 🙂
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