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After almost a week of non stop rain, Mr. Sun finally showed himself today. I hope he will continue to shine for the coming days though, coz I’ve been dying to go out and take outfit shots under bright, sunny skies again. #bloggerproblems

And because I’m feeling lazy (and shy to ask my dad) to drive around the village to look for decent covered places where I can take my photos, I decided to just settle with what I can afford at the moment. So, tadaaa! Welcome to our garage! Haha. It’s been a while since I last had my photos taken here.

This spot is where I had my first outfit shot. It used to be the only place where I am comfortable to pose and model my clothes. Hahaha. Pero ngayon kahit saan, go lang! Lol

Anyway, for today’s post, here I am again in my usual casual get up which I think is something you can wear during those times when you feel cold but do not want to pile on so many clothes. The secret? Wear a scarf! But be sure it’s long and wide enough (when stretched) to keep you warm and cozy. Just like what I’m wearing here. 🙂
From Singapore scarf and bag

Bought these two in Singapore way back before I even started blogging. This is probably the smallest bag that I own. I’m not into tiny bags like this actually (coz I always bring my closet with me. Lol) but it’s just too cute to pass up so I got it anyway. Well, it now serves as a remembrance of my impulsiveness. :3
Just Chic shirt

Wearing one of the items under Just Chic’s latest collection. This shirt comes in three designs- Kaboom, Wham and Pow. I find this Pow shirt the coolest because of its huge print which makes it so eye-catching. I mean, it’s impossible not to draw people’s attention with this top, right? If you wanna order this (or the other designs), feel free to message us on our Facebook page. It’s only P 200, guys! So affordable yo! 😉
Bubbles shorts | MSE clogs

I will never get tired of these shoes. They used to be my killer heels but now, they’re one of my comfiest shoes ever. Love-hate situation happening over here!
Oasap tassel ear cuff
The idea of getting myself an ear cuff never crossed my mind before but I’m happy I got to wear one. Thank you Oasap for this awesome accessory! It’s too cool for school! Haha ♥
So, how do you like my outfit? I hope you love it despite the background. Haha Will take better photos as soon as the weather becomes okay. Okay? Lol

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