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I’m off to another getaway tomorrow so before I start packing my things, I’m gonna share another set of photos from #theporchlifeproject. Told you, I took a bazillion photos! Haha  I don’t wanna put them to waste so I’m posting some here, together with my outfit shots. Hope di kayo maumay! Lol



A few days before this trip, Danica told us to wear something comfortable and light coz it’s summer and we wouldn’t want that to cause any hassle during our grapes picking. I initially wanted to wear a loose crop top + shorts outfit (as usual. you know me, but changed my mind coz I’m afraid that I will be exposing too much skin under the sun. I wanted to wear something that will give me enough cover without sacrificing comfort.


Thank God I found this kimono during one of my random trips to the mall. It’s the perfect cover up coz it’s long-sleeved but at the same time, light and breezy! The design’s not exactly the one that I’m looking for though, but it worked well with the “porch life” outfit that I was trying to achieve so it’s all good. 🙂


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Wore a hat instead of bringing an umbrella coz I don’t wanna look like a Donya! Haha OA na yata, Senyorita na lang! Lol


Brought out my 7-year old flats after years of not wearing them. Can’t believe they’re still as good as new! Super sulit too coz I think I got it for less than P200 only. :3


Kimono: Revolution Nine
Top: (forgot the brand, sorry!)
Shorts: Thrift Shop (999 Mall)
Flats: Egg
Hat: From Bangkok
Rings: Just Chic


What can you say about my “porch life” outfit, guys? Achieved ba? Haha Hope you enjoyed (and di kayo naumay) this photo heavy outfit post. Comments/violent reactions are welcome! HAHA By the way, if you wanna visit this grape farm, please read my previous post and you can find all the details there. 🙂
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