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Paul Fredrick Fall 2014 Collection

Paul Fredrick Fall 2014 Collection

Paul Fredrick Fall 2014 Collection
A few weeks back, I was contacted by someone from Paul Fredrick asking if I can do a brief feature about their Fall Collection on my blog. It took me a while to respond because aside from getting caught up with my backlogs, I was also having doubts if I will be able to do it. For someone living in a tropical country like the Philippines, I do not have firsthand experience regarding Fall Fashion. Yes, I have ideas but it’s something I really haven’t given much thought about before. I don’t wanna sound all-knowing too so I decided to do a quick research just to, you know, make sure that I have enough knowledge about this trend.

Just like I thought, Fall is the season of layering clothes. For us living in the tropics, it is similar to the weather we experience during Christmas season (aka BER months). The weather gets cooler so we take out our jackets, cardigans, sweaters, scarves, tights and if you want to look a little more fashionable, you also take out those boots.
It’s also the perfect time to wear those knits, wools, cashmere and turtleneck tops. But during the first months of autumn when the weather’s still a bit warm, you can opt for cotton-blend blouses and light sweaters. As the weather starts getting colder, you can choose whether to just add a few layers of clothing or don those heavy cover ups such as the trench coat.
Aside from the type of clothes, color is another thing to be considered during this season. Fall is characterized by the change in color of the trees and the shedding of its leaves. So we take those colors associated in this process such as red, yellow, orange, brown, deep burgundy, violets and dark green. Every year there is a certain color that is considered especially stylish for the season so you might also want to research on that if you want to look more in fashion.
Another thing to be considered is to stay away from pastels. We are saying goodbye to light colors for now (save for the color white coz it’s a basic color) and therefore welcoming darker hues. The same goes for bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts) and all other accessories that you want to include in your look (bags, scarves, hats). For jewelry, those in autumn colors and gold tones work best. I can go on forever talking about the different fall fashion trends that I like but really, a single blog post isn’t enough (especially for the ladies). So today, I will be concentrating on a specific brand and, for a change, it’s gonna be a menswear line.
Paul Fredrickwas founded 25 years ago and originally specialized in dress shirts. Over the years, their collection has grown along with their number of long-term satisfied customers. They design, manufacture, and directly distribute every item in their collection. They don’t go through wholesalers or store fronts and they provide great style at everyday prices.
The brand offers only the highest quality items- items you can’t necessarily find everywhere else. They stock up to 89 unique combinations of sleeve, collar, and fit options in a single dress shirt style alone. This makes it very likely that their customers will find a shirt that fits. They also strive for customer satisfaction and want their customers to be completely delighted with every purchase. If there are any issues or a customer is not satisfied, Paul Fredrick will exchange the item for free and help them get exactly what they need or offer a prompt refund.



The main focus of their 2014 Fall Collection are the dress shirts. For this season, they came up with versatile designs that can be paired with almost everything from the men’s wardrobe. And what’s more, guys don’t need to go far if they want to look for other pieces that will complete their fall ensembles because Paul Fredrick has everything- from ties to suits, cufflinks to shoes- I’m sure guys will find something here that will match their looks for the season.
Either you’re a man who wants to stock up on the latest fall fashion pieces or a woman who wants to make sure her man is getting the first dibs on the newest trends this season, Paul Fredrick is that one stop shop you most definitely need to visit. They’re offering a special Labor Day discount as well as a clearance sale right now so you better hurry while there are still stocks left!
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