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Look at what I found while I was sorting my files!

 My New Year’s Day outfit! Haha! Totally forgot about this look! I’m actually thinking of selling this peplum dress. What do you think? Shall I? SHALL I??? Haha! I’m having second thoughts coz I love its lace detail. Why does letting go of clothes have to be this hard? Hmp.

Oh look! I’m wearing my killer heels! Got them as a Christmas gift from James. Thanks, love! This pair is so damn pretty they deserve a better outfit shot! Soon, soon. Stay tuned for that! 

Cosmopolitan dress | Primadonna shoes
So, that’s it for now, folks! Did you like my “Welcome 2013” outfit? Haha! I hope you do! Will be blogging about my outfitey for the Macaroons For A Cause Launch maybe tomorrow or on Thursday. So, until then. Ciao! 🙂
Photos by James Duero
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