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Out and About (Cebu Day 1 & 2)

Out and About (Cebu Day 1 & 2)

Out and About (Cebu Day 1 & 2)
Oh yeah! Thank God for Sundays! Finally had time to work on my backlogs which means I’ll be blogging about my Cebu trip again! Hehehe Actually, I’m not really sure if I’m happy or if I still want to blog about this coz every time I go through the photos, it makes me miss Cebu even more. I’m having major separation anxiety with this place and I don’t know why! I mean, this isn’t the first time I visited the place (I think it’s my 4th already) but this recent trip is just different! Naunsa na baya ko oy! (Oha! My Bisaya is getting better! :P) Hahaha I’m getting too emotional it’s crazy! (Too many exclamation points lol)

A lot has changed already since I last visited Cebu way back in 2010. There are more places to go now, like restaurants, bars, clubs (yey! lol) and even malls. My cousin said they started to experience traffic in the city now unlike before, but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the heavy ones we have here in Manila.



Speaking of restaurants, one of the first things that James and I did on our first day in Cebu was to eat at Zubuchon. Of course, it goes without saying that we had the best time of our lives there. Lol Cebu lechon is really the best lechon everrr! I wonder how Cebuanos do it!
What we had for Day 1: Zubuchon Lechon, Fried Chili Shrimp and their bestseller, Kamias Shake! Forgot to take a photo but we also tried their Banana Turon with Dulce de Leche dip. Tastes sooo good!
After dinner, we went to the Basilica del Santo Niño with my cousin, Genie. The church was super jam-packed! It was the last day of the novena and I was so happy I was there to witness it. It’s amazing how Cebuanos celebrate Sinulog. How they show respect, give thanks and honor Santo Niño left me speechless. It was one of a kind.
Ended our first day in Cebu at Ayala Center. Had a pretty long and tiring day but a very fun and productive one nonetheless! Thanks to my cousin for spending the night with us! 🙂
For our day 2 in Cebu, we decided to buy pasalubongs in the morning then ate lunch at Zubuchon again. Haha After that, we walked around Fuente Osmeña Circle. We don’t know how to commute so we just walked. Lol But it’s fun coz there were people in the streets, food vendors were everywhere and everyone was having a good time.
James ordered Lechon Sinigang. It was so good that we had to have some desserts right after eating to help us move on. Lol Otherwise, we would’ve been stuck there forever! Lol So, we went to Brioche to have some croughnuts. 🙂

Sinulog vibes! Pit Senyor! :3



We also stopped at Larsian BBQ before heading to Fuente Osmeña Circle. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try it coz we’re so full already. 🙁 But I heard it’s good!


At Fuente Osmeña Circle. Lotsa photosss. 😛



After spending our whole afternoon here, James and I went to I.T. Park to meet my cousins. Night out, it is!


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Hi Eman and Manet! Miss you both already! 🙂


Met up with another cousin, Ate Coyien, at Gusto while we were waiting for Eman’s girlfriend to arrive.




When Gayle (Eman’s gf) finally arrived, we left Gusto and checked out the bars within the area. We weren’t able to get inside Penthouse coz they have a strict dress code and James was wearing shorts so we just decided to transfer to Mango Square where there is no dress code at all! Lol The place was so full, though. There wasn’t enough place anymore where you can dance or move. Party people were everywhere! So instead of partying like what I did back in the day (lol), we just spent the night away with a few drinks and loud EDM songs playing in the background.
Booze night ended our day 2 in Cebu. It’s been a fun and crazy night! Thought I’ll never party again after I left college but, oh well, it’s more fun in Cebu! Haha Shall end this now, guys. Blogging about Sinulog Festival on my next post! xx
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