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My Almost Ombre Hair

My Almost Ombre Hair

My Almost Ombre Hair

It’s been almost 4 months since I had my hair dyed but I never had the chance to show you what it looked like. So now, I am finally sharing some of the photos! I was trying to achieve a bolder shade of ombre but the stylist said he will have to do some bleaching in order to get the perfect color that I want. I was hesitant and I think he noticed it so instead of bleaching, he just applied an after-color treatment (which I forgot the name lol).

Cam-whoring while waiting. 😛
Pegs. 😉
And here’s the result! It may not be the perfect shade that I want but I still love it! What do you think? Hopefully, next time I will be brave enough to try a bolder and deeper gradient! 😀
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