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Monochrome With A Twist

Monochrome With A Twist

Monochrome With A Twist


A gloomy outfit post for a gloomy weather we are having right now. Though I have so many plans for this week, majority has been cancelled due to Tropical Storm Maring that caused severe flooding around Metro Manila and other nearby provinces. I hope everyone’s safe and dry! And while most of us are stuck at home, stressed out with all these sad news that we are hearing, why don’t you guys take a break and read some fashion-related things like my latest outfit post? Haha! #keepcalmandvisitmyblog Kidding! That’s just me trying to promote! 😛

I hope you don’t mind seeing me in this black and white number again. It’s practically a no-brainer outfit one can definitely never go wrong with. It’s classic, chic and would suit anyone who tries to sport it–fashionista or not.


But to make things more interesting, I opted to wear this floral silk blouse to add some colors and balance off the monochromatic feel of this ensemble. What do you think?
Shopaholic! blouse
Redhead shorts
If you haven’t noticed, I’m wearing an SM Dept. Store head to toe outfit. Both my blouse and shorts are from the SM Girls Teens’ (oh yes, it’s teens) Wear Section and my shoes are from one of the brands under SM Dept. Store. Truth is, I love shopping at SM. They have a wide range of selections from clothes, shoes,bags, accessories, everything! Name it, they have it! And their items are pretty affordable, too. Gone are the days when you have to go to high end stores just to get that trendy piece that you want. Take this blouse as an example. The moment I saw this one, my initial reaction was, “wow! this looks like the one I saw from Zara!”. It took me an hour to decide which clothes to get coz believe me, SM GTW has the trendiest pieces ever! Teenagers nowadays are so lucky to have one stop shops like SM GTW!
Just Chic bracelet | From Bangkok ring
I love how the colors of my bracelet and ring seem to match the colors on my blouse. A simple trick to make your black and white look a tad more fun!
Elegance by SM shoes | Vintage bag from mom
S necklace from mom | Slipper necklace from a friend
How do you like my outfit? I hope you love it as much as I do! Hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia next week! (haha! just letting you know in advance. :P)
Photos by James Duero
I am deeply saddened by what’s happening right now. A lot of Filipinos have been affected by this weather disturbance brought about by the Tropical Storm Maring. My love and prayers go out to all those who are suffering from this calamity. Let’s try and do our best to help. Here are the hotlines everyone should know and the guidelines on how you can help. Take care and stay safe everyone! Let’s #PrayForThePhilippines.
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