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Hello everyone! I woke up quite early today to start working on my pending blog entries. Gosh, it’s been ages! Really trying my best to at least start on some of my travel (just using the word ‘travel’ cause it’s more convenient but my posts are nothing compared to those of legit travel bloggers. hehe) posts which I hope to do before the year ends. In case you haven’t noticed it yet, my blog just got revamped (yay!). More on that and what made me busy this year (went on a social media hiatus. lol it’s been awesome, you guys.) on my upcoming postsss! HAHA

So, first things first! As you all know, I feature some online shops on my blog. For some reason, mostly were about wedding dresses and shoes. It’s a bit ironic since I’m the least possible person to talk about anything wedding related but this one is on the fashion side so I kinda enjoy it. Haha Anything to help fellow girls, especially those soon-to-be brides. 🙂 In this post, I’ll be talking about one of my recently discovered online stores, with emphasis on their beach wedding dress collection.

When it comes to dresses, in general, I always prefer those with subtly sexy designs. It’s the same for wedding dresses because for me, showing too much skin on your wedding day doesn’t seem appropriate. But that’s just for me, guys! If I’ll get married someday (lol), I would like to do it in a church so my dress has to be more on the conservative side. Also, I prefer simple dresses and don’t like too much bead work. I’m more of a tulle, lace and appliques kinda girl.

I keep on forgetting that I’m doing a feature on beach wedding dresses when I was browsing’s collection so I ended up choosing designs which I think are too conservative for a beach wedding. Sorry, my personal style just keeps getting in the way! haha But if you don’t like my picks, please check out‘s website and I guarantee you can find the best ones there.

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Aside from lace and tulle, chiffon and satin are my next best options. The last dress (above) is something I find really pretty and elegant though I don’t think it would look good on me. It’s such a classic piece but too feminine and perfect for me, sad to say. huhu Well anyway, I hope you like some (if not all) of my picks here. These are on sale now so I encourage you to check out‘s wide selection of wedding dresses and take advantage of the 90% discount on all dresses. Would like to add some personal touch to your dress? They can customize it according to your preference. No more bridezilla moments! Haha Enjoy, future brides! Best wishes! 🙂

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