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Merchandising Class

Merchandising Class

Merchandising Class
I don’t know why I never mentioned it before, but I enrolled in Fashion Institute of the Philippines in Makati last May for Fashion Merchandising. It’s a short course (just once a week for 2 months) scheduled every Thursdays at 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM.




And last Thursday (June 20) was our last day. We spent half of our day finishing our final project which is Competitive Shopping. It was a fun activity coz we were asked to go to Greenbelt or Glorietta and choose 3 brands that we will like to study. It was like amazing race; the first team to finish before 2:30 PM wins. haha My partner, Rachelle, and I chose Warehouse, Miss Selfridge and Promod at Greenbelt 5 coz aside from the brands’ uniqueness, their stores are located within the same area so it was easier for us to transfer from one store to another.



This is me with our instructor, Ms. Wanda at All Flip Flops Store in Glorietta 3. I like their colorful wall design. It kinda went well with my outfit that day. Haha. After this, we went back to the school to finalize our projects and have them checked by Ms. Wanda. Guess what? Rachelle and I won the race! Lol


Photo op with my classmates and Ms. Wanda. I’ll miss these people…


With Dev, Roxy, Ms. Wanda and Rachelle. Too bad, Gabe wasn’t around.

Sewing and pattern making, you’re next on my list!


Fashion design students. So excited to take this course on September! Shall start practicing my drawing skillz (yes, with a z. haha) again.




Some of FIP’s talented instructors. It was Ms. Iross’ (the owner and manager of FIP) birthday so there were more people than usual during that day.




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Gonna miss these two! Roxy’s selfie moments every time she comes in to class and Dev’s weekly escapade stories! Haha



After class, we decided to spend more time together and went to Barcino at Greenbelt 2. Wine and dine. Don’t ask me what kind of wine coz I do not know. Haha All I know is that it’s white and it made me dizzy. LOL



Red-faced Dev! haha

Love this candid shot!


Last photo before I went home. I’m happy I met this cool bunch. It always feels great to be around people with the same interests as yours. Fashion, travel, food and everything in between! Thursdays will never be the same again! See you soon guys! Keep in touch! 🙂



Forgot to upload this on Facebook so I’m posting it here instead. Hello there, Gabe! Our 1 and only complete picture. Haha Lunch at Recipes, Greenbelt 3 on our second day in school. How time flies! 🙂
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