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Long Weekend Update

Long Weekend Update

Long Weekend Update
Currently on my third day (going fourth coz it’s almost midnight) of vacation and I thought I should post another quick update about how my vacation is going so far. Well, the second and third days were pretty much uneventful. I just stayed at home, read a book until my eyes got tired and I got a headache and, surprisingly, watched TV. I only got a glimpse of the shows that I tried to watch though, coz I kept falling asleep. This is why I rarely watch TV. It bores the hell out of me. Anyway, even though nothing much happened yesterday and today, I think both were still productive days for me. Because yesterday, I finally went to the pet shop (it’s been written on my planner’s to-do list for 2 weeks already) and bought stuff for our dog, Kenzo. And earlier today, I was able to take a new set of outfit photos, which I will be posting next week. Also, I decided to do a simple household chore which was washing the dishes. Now, that’s what you consider productive! Haha :))


Oops, it’s 1 AM already. I should be going to bed now coz I’ll be waking up early tomorrow (I mean later). Sunday has always been a busy day for me. I usually get up from bed at around 6 AM to jog and visit my sister at the cemetery. After that, I’ll go to church then pick up new stocks for my online store. If I’m lucky to have spare time after this, I’ll take pictures of the items and upload them online. Then I’ll disturb my mom and display them in our store. 😛 Today (it’s Sunday now, in case I got you confused), it’s gonna be a busier one coz it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow and I’m taking him to the mall to buy him a gift. I also need to buy some party decors and I have to do that without him noticing (gotta do some ninja moves). So unless he’ll be reading this post, he will have no idea there’s gonna be a small party for his birthday. I don’t think he reads my blog anyway, so I really don’t have to worry.



I might include some photos of my Dad’s birthday party on my next posts, depending on my mood. For now though, I’ll be sharing some photos from my spa date/bonding sesh with my bff which I mentioned in my previous post. We went to Ace Water Spa to try this hydrotherapy massage. It’s not allowed to take photos around the pool area (being hardcore instagrammers, we were disappointed by this) so we resolved to taking photos of ourselves wearing our swimwears (lol) inside the ladies’ locker room area.



Took some photos outside, too. Tourist mode? More of first timer feels, actually. Haha


After that, we went to Shangri-la Plaza to have lunch and desserts. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, doing the usual stuff we do when we go to malls–window shopping (sometimes real shopping haha), chatting, and, I don’t know how we do it, Instagramming while doing all those things. LOL



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Being prepared did pay off, you know. Our phones and mobile internet ran out of battery (yes, we even brought mobile internet to make sure we always stay connected) but I have my power bank with me and I charged it the night before so, no problemo! Haha



It was a day well spent. Just like our previous dates, it’s always a good time when I’m with this girl. And oh, we also have our own hashtag on Instagram. Just type #shayneanddane and you’ll see all of our photos together! Just like an album. Haha We’re clingy like that. Follow us? Hihi


Okay, it’s already 2AM. I have to go now before my Dad wakes up. Haha Good night/morning, guys! Thanks for reading my not so quick blog update. 😛
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