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Little Miss Girly

Little Miss Girly

Little Miss Girly


Hello hello! I’m backkk! But I’m just gonna make this short and simple. I still have loads to do and my body’s still not functioning well. I haven’t recovered from my flu yet! Huhu. Anyway, here’s an outfit shot I took two weeks ago. I seldom wear dainty and girly pieces coz I’m afraid I won’t be able to pull it off. But this dress is just too pretty and it reminds me how much I loved wearing dresses back when I was a kid. Haha. So, what do you think?
I sometimes wish I look like Tricia Gosingtian so I can wear girly stuff without looking awkward. You know, that angelic face and all. Hahaha #DreamOn But still, I hope I made justice to this outfit. I tried to make it less girly and more of my personal style by wearing (again) my all time favorite pair of shoes and this khaki blazer. And I have to admit I love how this ensemble turned out!

Oops! Got photobombed by a dog! Haha Next time I’ll try to include our newest puppy, Kenzo! He just arrived yesterday and I still can’t get enough of his cuteness! ♥  Check out my Instagram account if you wanna see him. 🙂


I kept my accessories at a minimum and just wore this matching pearl necklace and flower ring. And since I was heading to a product launch that day, I thought of bringing my iPad with me (so I can take down notes and pictures if needed) which happened to go well with this number, too!

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Dress: From Landmark
Blazer: From Kryz Uy (BU5)
Shoes: MSE
Necklace: Just Chic
Ring: From Bangkok
Lipstick: Forever 21
iPad Case: Kate Spade
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