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Just Chic

Just Chic

I can’t believe this is the first time I will be blogging about my online shop. I think it’s because I started it during those times that I was so busy with work and my rest days were almost always spent on running errands. But gone are those days (cause I got a new job, yipeee!) and I welcome the changes with open arms. 😀

Well anyway, let me introduce you to Just Chic. It’s an online shop, owned and managed by yours truly, that sells affordable clothes and accessories. The items that we are selling are usually very limited (1 pc/item only)   but we always try to re-stock if our customers ask for it.
Right now, we’re on our 5th batch of clothes and I can’t wait to see those that will be arriving in the coming weeks. For now, let me show you my favorites. <3

What do you think? I just love playing with colors!! So if you are too, go and check out Just Chic on Facebook cause who knows, you might find something interesting there! And don’t forget to like the page too while you’re at it. Thanks guys!! 🙂

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