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Hello from Korea!!!

Hello from Korea!!!

Hello from Korea!!!
Hey, guys! I’m backkk! Haha I’m blogging using my phone right now and it’s my first time to do it, so I’m not sure how this post would look like. It’s the only way I can update my blog while I’m here in Korea soooo… Haha. Anyway, in my previous blog post, I told you that I’m going to share more about my work in my next posts, right? Well, here it is.


I’m in Seoul right now to finish my training for at least 2-3 months. I’m now working as a Merchandiser for an international garment manufacturing company and yes, I no longer work as a Medical Technologist in the meantime (In case you’re gonna ask about that too. Haha I get that question all the time.).


It’s my 3rd week here and so far, I’m enjoying my stay. But I miss home, of course. I miss my parents and friends, my dogs (waaa I miss them all T_T), and truth be told, I also kinda miss the weather. I mean, yes, I love this cold weather here. It’s nice to be away from the usual heat in the Philippines and, winter is fun because I got to experience snow for the first time. Haha But I have this feeling that I’m not made for this weather because I find it hard to dress up. Lol I hate the feeling of wearing too many clothes. You know how I love wearing crop tops and denim cut offs, right? I’m used to wearing laid-back, breezy outfits but now I have to wear 2-3 layers of clothes before I can go out. Hahaha sounds funny when you actually think about it. But anyway, winter is about to end and spring is on its way now so… Let’s see. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more. 🙂



Snow!!! It’s hard to walk on snow, though. There were a few times that I almost lost my balance. Lol



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This photo was taken during my first few days here when the temperature was always below 0 deg. I had to wear thick clothes all the time.


The coldest temperature that I experienced was at -11. Went outside to have my breakfast and stopped by at this coffee shop on my way home. I don’t usually drink coffee, but I’d accept anything that would keep me warm.
Like these winter clothes from the company! Haha


I still have a lot of stories to tell and photos to show you, but I have to go now. My boss invited me and my friend/colleague, Vehm, to her house today so I gotta prepare now. Part 2 of this post next week, hopefully! Have a great Sunday, guys!
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