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Gardens by the Bay (Photo Diary)

Gardens by the Bay (Photo Diary)

Gardens by the Bay (Photo Diary)
Thank God it’s Friday! Been looking forward to this day after what felt like a very long week at work. So, before I go out and make the most out of this day (have to run errands and finish some stuff), first things first! Here’s another photo diary from my recent trip to Singapore. I’m just gonna make this quick and short but quite photo-heavy. Gotta let the photos do the talking. 😉 Hehe Enjoy!




We spent our first day in Singapore at the Gardens by the Bay. Like what I’ve said in my previous post, the place has changed a lot since the last time I went here (back in 2009 when I graduated from college). Singapore is much more beautiful now! And to think that there are still a lot of constructions and developments going on around the place, I can’t imagine how it would look like in, say, 3-5 years. The thought of it is making me excited. ♥



Bringing my parents to Singapore is quite a dream come true for me. I’ve been planning this since my sister and I first went here, but getting my mom’s passport has been a very challenging task. I’m just so happy that, finally, after 5 years I was able to do it. All thanks to God and to my sister who I know, even without being here physically with us, has been helping and guiding me all throughout the process of arranging this trip. We did it, Ate! 🙂


Again, thanks to my niece, Aira, for taking us around. She knows the place like the back of her hand and it’s a huge help coz I totally suck at directions. Huhu Poor Ate Shayne. lols


Okay, so the fun starts here. Welcome to the Flower Dome!
This one’s my favorite photo. Taken by yours truly. Ehem, ehem. Haha Anyway, the place is sooo pretty! I think my mom enjoyed the most coz she loves flowers. She used to decorate the empty spaces around our house with orchids and beautiful flowers but gardening is just really not her thing. The plants always die! Lol



Ah, so lovely. ♥ I had to touch the flowers to make sure they’re real. I’m sure keeping them alive and looking magnificent requires a lot of effort. No doubt it’s the reason why the place is fully air-conditioned.


Oops! Didn’t plan this outfit at all but, look, I belong! Haha Gotta love sunflowers! :)))


And of course, palms. My first love. LA feelssss!




Aside from flowers, Flower Dome has many different types of plants, too. But I’m quite biased so I didn’t take a lot of pictures of them. Hehe Sorry! 😛



Now for the second part of this post, I’m showing you more photos from another attraction, the Cloud Forest!




This man-made waterfall is so breathtaking. So amazing.


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Just like the Flower Dome, the Cloud Forest is also divided into different areas. I wasn’t able to take note of the names (lol not a travel blogger, sorry! haha) so can I just show you more photos? Hehe




My second favorite photo! I rarely see my parents like this. Haha Must be the place. 🙂



The only area that I remember is the Crystal Mountain Cave where you get to see some real stalactites and stalagmites.



Okay guys, I’m kinda running late already so I’m leaving you now with these photos from the Supertree Grove. I wish I was able to see this place during night time coz I wanna see the impressive display of lights and sounds. Maybe next time. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed the photos! If you wanna know more information about the Gardens by the Bay (coz I know I wasn’t able to provide a lot lol), you can read about it here. Till my next post, guys. Have a great weekend! 🙂
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