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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday
Blogging about my last adventure day in Bangkok because it’s… Flashback Friday! *throws confetti* Haha! :)) Well, well, well. Where do I start?
Elephants, of course! It’s not Thailand if there’s no elephant! Haha So, just for the sake of remembrance, we decided to stop over at the Elephant Village before going to the Floating Market. I thought maybe I should take this chance to check whether I still know what an elephant looks like. Haha! Haven’t seen one since I was 5 I think!

Weee! I love this photo because of my legs. Kidding! Haha Seriously, this is the only decent photo I have with an elephant as my background. The others were either I looked funny or scared. I don’t know why but they look so cute from a far but then I get scared when they move closer. Layogenic lang sila! Haha

I think this is a baby elephant. Or not. Whatever. Looks cute while eating, though.

Buuuut! Those large feet and long trunk made me feel like he can strangle me anytime I go near him!
Look at this couple laughing at me when I ran inside the management’s office because this elephant here tried to reach me using his trunk! Haha. Bet I looked funny.
I wanted to try that coconut ice cream but changed my mind when I remembered how coconut used to upset my stomach especially in the morning. Not risking a whole day of adventure for this, so I decided to skip the idea. Maybe next time!
Took advantage of this cafe’s cute decorations and had some sort of outfit shots. Thanks to my floral pullover (which I bought the night before at Pratunam) for making me feel that I belong to this place! Matchy-matchy!
From Bangkok pullover | Bubbles shorts
 H&M sneakers | Forever 21 sunnies
After this, we went to the Floating Market. As they say, you’ve never been to Thailand if you haven’t been here. Sharing with you some of the photos!

Basically, it’s just a market surrounded by water. I don’t know where the water came from, though. Haha Must be a river somewhere? I forgot to ask. It reminded me how our wet markets here in the Philippines look like when flooded. Lol. I think we should consider having our own floating market here especially during rainy seasons. What do you think? Haha. Just joking. We will all die from Dengue if we do that.

Sweet fruits and yummy street foods! Not a fan of both but I tried some and loved it!

THIS ONE IS SO YUMMY OHMYGAAAAD! I forgot its name but I think it’s made up of coconut. If you have any idea about this delicious thing, please let me know! Thankies! :3

Is this Rambutan? The monster fruit! Haha I call it monster coz I don’t like that spiky whatever on its surface. Scares the hell out of me. (Yeah, I’m weird like that.) But this one here looks okay. Wala masyadong hair! Haha

Bought one of those bags!

And one of those summer hats! A dainty, floral piece which I haven’t used yet. Saving it for the beach!

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Here’s a tip: It’s okay to haggle with the vendors. They sell their items around three times the original price so be wise and ask if you can get it at, at least, half the price. You might not succeed at your first attempt but just keep on trying! haha They will give in eventually. Di ako magaling tumawad but then there were so many things I wanna buy so gora na lang! :))

Sooo, there you have it! After this, we want back to our hotel and had some last minute shopping at Siam Paragon. There are still so many places in Bangkok that I wanna visit. I hope to come back soon and attend Songkran! Heard it’s fun!

Until my next post, guys! xoxo

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