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Festive (Food Meets Fashion Bazaar Day 2)

Festive (Food Meets Fashion Bazaar Day 2)

Festive (Food Meets Fashion Bazaar Day 2)
Hello guys! Before anything else, I just wanna greet you a Merry, Merry Christmas! I know you’re all busy preparing for tonight’s festivities, running last minute errands and all so thank you very much for still visiting my blog! :*

As promised, here are the second batch of Food Meets Fashion Bazaar photos. After seeing how the other bloggers displayed their stuff, I realized I need to arrange and make my display look more presentable. Haha That is why the following day, I brought more hangers and display racks for my accessories. And because a lot of my stuff were sold the previous day, I also decided to bring more clothes and few pairs of shoes (which were sold in less than 15 minutes)! 🙂
It was a sunshiny Tuesday morning last December 3 which probably explained my colorful and youthful outfit. I wore comfortable clothes and shoes so I can move around without hassle. The bazaar is an outdoor event, so I opted to don bright colored pieces to help me bear with the sun’s intense heat. The brighter, the better! Haha
Now that someone mentioned it, I noticed that this outfit is very Christmassy! Red + Green (in this case, blue green. lol) = Christmas! Santa hat na lang kulang, guys! Hohoho! 😛
Everything is light and breezyyy! Love my super comfy sneaks and cute sling bag! (Which is my seller body/belt bag version. Do you get what I mean? hihi)
Skirt: Bubbles
Shoes: H&M
Bag: from Singapore
How do you like my Christmas outfit, guys? Haha Show me some looove by hyping this look on Lookbook and Chictopia! :3
But waiiiit, there’s more! Last na! Hehe Just gonna show you some of our photos while playing around and having fun with the birds (do they have special names? lol) during the afternoon.
O diba, feeling Venice lang talaga! Haha #push
Che-Che’s turn!
Tin and Tita Lea (Shekinah’s sister and mom) feeding the birds.
Finally, a blurry photo to end this post. Hehe That’s all, folks! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the holidays! I have no work until the 26th soooo more time for blogging. Yey! Merry Christmas, y’all! xoxo
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