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Dress W+E

Dress W+E
It’s common knowledge that most, if not all, women love to shop. I used to enjoy it a lot- going to the mall, store hopping, etc- until my laziness got the best of me that the idea of walking inside a mall for hours doesn’t appeal to me anymore. #signsofaging Lol So, to conserve time and energy (haha conserve!), I usually just browse the internet and do online shopping if there’s something I want/need to buy. And one of my latest discoveries is this online fashion store named Dress W+E.


After realizing that I need more dresses in my life (not much of a girly girl hihi), I decided to check the internet and find something that I might like. I came across Dress W+E and found a lot of stylish dresses! They actually specialize in wedding dresses, accessories and shoes but they also have dresses for special occasions like prom, evening, formal and party dresses. Since I don’t have any special occasions to attend, I just concentrated on their party dresses. Here are some of my picks!
As you can see, I’m into lace, cut outs, and anything that has this subtly sexy effect. 😉 I also checked some of their wedding dresses and found a few favorites, too. Was quite surprised, though, because I’m not really the type of person who appreciates wedding gowns. Lol (bitter haha) So anyway, if you’re looking for wedding dresses and the likes, you might want to check out Dress W+E. Below are my favorites.
I’m taking note of these designs, for future reference. Haha I love those intricate details and how the dresses look simple and classy at the same time. Me likeyyy. :3
And to make it easier for all the future brides out there, Dress W+E also sells wedding shoes and accessories! It’s a one stop shop for all your wedding needs!
If you aren’t busy this Halloween, I suggest you visit their website and take advantage of their ongoing Halloween sale. Great discounts await you! Happy Halloween shopping, everyone! 🙂
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