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Double Celebration

Double Celebration

Double Celebration
One of the many reasons why I decided to get myself a new camera is to be able to take nice photos like this. I don’t dream of becoming a professional photographer but it helps to have a decent camera especially for someone like me who loves documenting those memorable occasions and happenings in life.

These photos were taken last June 17 at Burgoo American Bar and Restaurant (Greenhills Promenade branch) where my parents and I dined in celebration of Father’s day and their 33rd wedding anniversary. It wasn’t my first choice actually cause I want my parents to try something new and thought of bringing them to Little Asia so we can stay away from our (more on mine actually) usual American and Italian favorites. But when we got there, the place was full with no signs of people leaving within the next 5 minutes. So before I lose my temper due to hunger (LOL), I decided to follow my appetite’s first love and went to Burgoo! And you know what? It’s true, first love never dies. Haha!
On a totally different note, I must create a new watermark for landscape photos! James already did one (it’s on the first photo above) but something went wrong and I can’t use it anymore! Huhu So I ended up using the one for portrait photos and these are the results! Not a good idea, I know. 😛
Going back, these are the foods that we had. Can I just say, this tomato basil spaghetti is the bomb! And for a pasta lover like me, fighting the urge to include this in our order was no easy task. So can you just imagine what I was like when mom said we should get one? Happy girl right there! <3
Random question: Do I look like my mom or dad? Comments are very much welcome! 🙂
Dad’s not yet ready! But since this is our one and only complete photo that night, I have no choice but to upload it. Hihi Love you, Daddy!
The weather wasn’t so cooperative that day. It’s been raining really hard so we just decided to go home right after dinner. But of course, I still managed to take some look photos! haha Check it out here.
So there you have it! Until my next post guys! Thanks for reading! xx
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