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I love it when we’re cruisin together… Okay. So before you think this post is about something romantic, I’ll have to stop singing now. Haha It isn’t, guys. Maybe next time I’ll post something romantic in here but that is after I ask permission from my boss (hello there, babe. :P). Lol

Anywaaaay, I’m currently working on my backlogs so I’m gonna start blogging about my long overdue trip to Bangkok last May. To begin with, let’s go cruisin’ via White Orchid River Cruise.

This is a different cruise ship. No photos for our ship coz I got too excited to go inside. Lol But it looked something like this one in the photo below.

So sosyal, right? Cruisin’ like a boss! Haha

Table for two. How romantic can this get? Ma’am Agnes and I couldn’t help but imagine ourselves having an intimate dinner with our special someone. Get ready, babe! You’re coming with me next time! 😀

I love how my outfit seemed to go well with the ambiance. This floral number would’ve looked oriental if it had been on a dress instead of a jumpsuit. But whatever, it wouldn’t hurt to break some of my fashion rules once in a while. 😉

The Thai Classical Dance to start our 2-hour cruise ride.

And then buffet dinner! It’s a mix of Thai and Western cuisines so if you’re a foodie, I suggest you try this one out!




So sad I wasn’t able to taste them all coz my tummy has limitations you know. Haha. Oh well, I was never made to enjoy buffets.


But I did enjoy the desserts! They were all so yummehhh!


And this one too! Shrimpsss!!! Thank God I don’t have allergies! Harhar
The Cabaret Show to entertain us while eating. Their peg was Broadway musical.




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She is so pretty!!! OMG! Nakaka-insecure lang ! HAHAHA

Marilyn Monroe!

The White Orchid River Cruise passes along the Rama I Bridge, Temple of Dawn, The Royal Grand Palace, and Rama VIII Bridge while cruising along Chaophraya River. Such beautiful sceneries!

Rama I Bridge (The Memorial Bridge)

Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun). I will make sure to visit this when I come back!
Rama VIII Bridge
And while on board, you can enjoy live music and disco, too. Sing, dance, it’s all up to you! (Wow! Rhyming! Haha)

Matching outfits with Ma’am Agnes! Floral ensemble for the win!

Jumpsuit + cardigan + backpack. Very college girl lang ang peg! Haha I still look young anyway so kebs! 🙂

There you go, guys! If you kinda like to go on a cruise after reading my post, you can check out the White Orchid River Cruise here. Enjoy! 🙂
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