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If you have read my blog feature here, you would know that one of my favorite trends is the classic black and white. I’ve sported this look a couple of times already in this blog and I think a lot of you already know why I’m so in love with it. Aside from the fact that these two colors complement each other so well, they also let you try color blocking in a much safer way (compared to doing it on bold and bright colors). I’ve said this once but I’ll say it again, I will never get tired of this combination!
So, for the first show that I watched in the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014, I decided to wear another black and white outfit. There’s nothing really new with this look (except for my acrylic clutch bag which I will be sharing with you later) coz I’m sure you’ve already seen these striped pants on almost everybody. I got this pair last summer and have worn it a lot of times since. I think that’s why it doesn’t fit me well anymore unlike before, especially along the waistline. I overused it! 🙁 But I love these pants so much that I couldn’t let it go without wearing it on one of my outfit posts. It’s probably one of those items that I treasure despite being too mainstream (next to my origami skorts! haha).


Tadaaa! Say hello to my newest clutch bag! I’ve been looking everywhere for this and I’m so happy I found one that’s cheaper compared to those that you can buy from local online shops. I got this one from, drum roll please… eBay!!! 😀
Pants: Just Chic
Shoes: Primadonna
Blazer: Thrifted 
Bag: eBay
Accessories: Just Chic
Hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!

Photos by James Duero


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Before I forget guys, I have 2 great news for you! First is that in a few weeks time, you will be able to find me on AJENT and book an appointment with me as your personal online stylist and shopper! The company invited me to join their team so I tried my luck and made it! Still don’t know how we’ll go about this but I will update you guys from time to time.



Next, I would like to invite everyone to join and visit the upcoming Food Meets Fashion Bazaar at Venice Piazza Mckinley Hill, Taguig on December 2-4! Still a month away but I’m reminding you as early as now so you’ll have enough time to prepare for it. 🙂 They are still accepting reservations so for those who want to reserve a booth, feel free to contact the numbers above. I will be there, along with other fashion bloggers, and we will be selling some of our preloved and brand new stuff! More updates in the coming days so stay tuned for that!
That’s all for now, guys! Until my next post! 😉
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