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Choies Wishlist

Choies Wishlist

Choies Wishlist
Anyone here familiar with this online fashion shop called Choies? I think I’ve come across this brand before but haven’t really had a chance to visit their website until last night. And because I need something that will distract myself from this overwhelming excitement for the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer (which will premiere today), I thought doing some sort of online window shopping would help calm my nerves. Haha So, I decided to visit Choies again and check out their collections. But contrary to what I expected, my nerves didn’t get to relax at all. Those cute and stylish stuff that I found on Choies‘ website made me even more excited! Thought I should share some of my favorites to you so I created a wishlist. 😉 They’re having a sale right now so you might want to check their site, too!

Anyway, first on my list is this white chiffon shift dress. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but, aside from casual and laid back clothes, I also love wearing classic pieces such as this one. My best friend and I have this black and white obsession and we simply can’t ignore a dress as pretty as this one. Haven’t shown this to her yet but I’m sure she’ll love it, too. ♥
A playsuit and a shift dress in black. Love the shift dress’ mesh panel and the playsuit’s low neckline (though I don’t think I can pull it off without wearing a tube top underneath). So chic and sexy.
Sunflower and daisy prints are trends right now and though I know we’ve seen enough of these prints already, I still can’t help myself from liking this super cute skate dress. Not really a fan of girly and dainty stuff but I guess having this piece in my closet won’t hurt. I mean, I have a sunflower crop top so maybe I should get one with a daisy print too, right? 😉
Loving these Triangl-inspired bikinis so soooo much! Will definitely get these designs plus the white one! Huhu Can’t wait. Guess someone needs to go back to the gym asap. -_-
I literally gasped when I saw this kimono. It looks a lot like the one I was eyeing from Topshop. I was actually this close to buying it the last time I was there but it’s quite pricey (even on sale). So I’m happy I found this on Choies.
Now, we’re down to my last 2 favorites. This leopard plimsoll reminds me of those Steve Madden shoes that I’ve always wanted to buy. I also can’t believe that Choies has this pair of Birkenstock type of slip-ons with the same leopard print design that my best friend and I were trying to find a couple of weeks ago. It’s not on sale, though, so HUHU. But anyway, it’s okay. At least these Lucid Toe Sandals are on 59% off. So classic. So Zara-ish.
How did you find my wishlist? Choies has a very wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories so I suggest you go see those collections for yourself. Happy shopping, guys! Hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂
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