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Celebrating YOU

Celebrating YOU

Celebrating YOU

Hooray for the long weekend!! What are your plans? Mine is to stay home and finish all my pending tasks like this blog post. Haha 😉

To start with, I will be sharing about my experience when I attended our company’s biggest Philippine celebration last February 25 at the MOA Arena. Boy, it was the grandest event I have ever attended! I mean, do you know any company who had their event at the MOA Arena? With hosts like RX 93.1’s very own Delamar and Eat Bulaga’s Julia Clarete? Not to mention guest speakers who flew all the way from USA and Canada just to share their experiences with the company and how it has changed their lives from the moment they decided to be a part of it. I was sitting there, amazed and thrilled. I was imagining myself going up that stage too and sharing my own success story to thousands of people. Omg. I just can’t wait. I, for sure, will be sharing more about my company when that time comes but until then, I will keep some details to myself first. But if you’re that interested to know, you can send me an email at or PM me on Facebook. 🙂

So anyway, here’s what I wore. The attire is smart casual and has to be something blue (our team’s color). I actually can’t believe that I didn’t go last minute shopping for this outfit (which happens almost all the time when there are events I have to attend). All the items that I’m wearing here came from my very own closet (well, except for the belt which I got from my shop Just Chic)! I had no time to go to the mall so I was forced to settle on the clothes that I already have. After 30 minutes of mixing and matching, I came up with this number– smart casual with touches of blue. What do you think?

Cococabaña mini dress | Cotton On cover up 
Finally wore this cover up!! The minute I saw this on the racks of Cotton On last October 2012, I knew I had to get it. I’ve been looking for the perfect high low sheer cover up and this one is certainly the best! And did I mention it’s on sale? Oh yeah, 50% off baby!!! :)) Sometimes I really want to congratulate myself for being an impulsive shopper during sale seasons! Haha
Redhead blazer | vintage bag from mom
I’m currently addicted to blazers. It’s amazing how it can turn your whole outfit from casual to formal just by wearing one. So you can just imagine my delight when I saw this floral blazer last year when I was looking for a New Year’s day outfit. I went gaga! Lol Additional points coz it’s royal blue! I bought it even though it’s not on my list during that time. #shopaholicproblems And God is so good, He gave me a “job” where dressing up and looking formal is a must so I now have an excuse to pile on more blazers!!! Yayyyy :))


MSE clogs
As much as I love international brands, I don’t mind wearing local brands once in a while. I have shoes from MSE, Boardwalk and I remember having one from Natasha before. I remember way back in college when my friend asked me where do I buy my clothes. I told her, “Kahit saan! Haha!” I’m not picky when it comes to brands. As long as I like the design and it’s comfortable to wear, there’s no problem. Coz for me, it will just depend on how you wear your clothes. I’ve always loved this saying, “You can buy clothes but you can never buy style.” 🙂 Agree?
Notice the change of venue? Haha! James kept on insisting that we take another set of outfit photos here because of the nice ambiance and cool ceiling lights!


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Just Chic necklace | bazaar find earrings
bazaar find ring | Fossil watch | Bubbles chain bracelet | Just Chic gold bangle 
I love how my accessories made sudden pops of blue everywhere in this outfit. Oh the magic of accessorizing!


It’s Good Friday so my parents and I will join the procession here in our village. I have to leave you guys for now but before I do so, here’s a final photo which happens to be my personal favorite. Lakas daw maka-Camille Co! hahaha
What do you think? Lol Pwede na ba? :))

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Photos by James Duero

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