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The lazy blogger aka me is finally back! Haha So sorry for my short hiatus, guys! To be honest, I do not know what happened to my schedule. I mean, yes I went to Cebu for the Sinulog but I stayed there for 3 days lang naman! Not enough excuse for a 2-week break from blogging, right? Haha



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Anyway, speaking of Sinulog, these photos were taken in Cebu! James and I went there last weekend to experience the grandest fiesta in the Philippines. Sinulog is super fun, you guys! Me and my friends (who also went there) are actually considering to go back again next year. Street party was really awesome and the crowd was super crazy and wild! It’s a must try, especially for party people. I will make a separate post about Sinulog and my short stay in Cebu in the coming days so do watch out for that. For now, outfit post muna! Wehehehe :3


For those living in Cebu City, can you tell where these photos were taken? James and I had our lunch/dinner in this area during our 3-day stay in the city because he was always craving for lechon! Haha :)) That is why instead of riding a jeep or taking a cab, we decided to just walk para ma-burn ang calories! Lol Walking around Cebu City was not that stressful as compared to Manila plus the weather was perfectly fine, so thank God! No hassle!
And because I expected to be out the whole day, I wore a casual, laid-back outfit– loose top, cut offs and loafers. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but I super duper love palm tree prints. It’s becoming an addiction already which started from that H&M dress that I bought from Bangkok months ago. So if you want to surprise me on Valentine’s Day (ehem, anything with palm trees printed on it will do! HAHAHA #nopressure
My hair is weird! It looks short on the last photo. Hahaha #offtopic Well, I hope you liked my outfit, guys! You better do coz this is my only outfit shot in Cebu. Hehe I’ll be blogging about our short beach trip plus some other things on my next post, so until then! Gotta go to sleep na! Thanks for reading! xx
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Photos by James Duero
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