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Just a quick outfit post for tonight. Here’s what I wore on my last day in Pattaya. This is my first “sariling sikap” outfit shot. Haha! No tripod, remote or whatsoever. So, please pardon my amateur shots. Lol

Whenever I go on trips, I always find it hard to decide what clothes and accessories to bring. So what I usually do is to plan every outfit that I’ll be wearing, including the accessories and shoes. Here’s where the problem comes in. I have to find a pair or two of shoes that will go well with all of my outfits because of course, I can’t bring all of my shoes with me. Packing for Thailand made everything extra hard for me because, well, everyone knows you have to leave enough luggage space just in case you go crazy on shopping. And this is Bangkok we’re talking about! Haha That’s why I’m happy I found this pair of sandals on sale 2 days before my flight. It matched with almost all of my outfits! 🙂
Janeo sandals

I love this look because I’m wearing almost all of my favorite items here. Like this cute loose top that I got from a thrift store in Baguio. It’s so comfortable and breezy. Haha Wanna know why?

Tadaaa! Lace all over my back! Don’t you love it, too? <3 p=””>

Thrifted top
My favorite sunnies also made its debut in this outfit. I’m such a sucker for mirror shades that I fell in love with it the moment I saw it at Forever 21. I also tried ordering 3 designs from Zero UV but they ran out of stocks. Lol. So, I just bought another one in Bangkok. :>
Forever 21 sunnies | Just Chic bracelets (pre-order)
To complete the look, I wore my burgundy scallop shorts which I bought a couple of months ago when everyone was going gaga over this color. I was part of that group, too. I mean, who doesn’t right? Burgundy is such a classic and timeless color. So elegant and regal.


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What do you think of my look? I’m having an international giveaway until the end of the month so don’t forget to join! 🙂
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