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I love this look so much that I can’t find the right words to start this post. Maybe that’s the result of wearing so many cute things in one outfit. Hmmm, at least now I know! Haha Oh well, I think I’ll just have to start with my most loved item in this monochromatic ensemble–my origami skorts!

I’m sure you’ve been seeing this Zara inspired asymmetrical skorts a lot lately. There are so many local online shops selling it right now (which is actually a good thing) unlike before when I was dying to get one for myself (thanks to Koees small collaboration with my blog, I was able to buy this skort without spending any penny!). It’s a blogger’s favorite and I’m sure you know why. It’s casual and classy rolled into one! You can pair it with your ankle strap heels for that sophisticated look or wear it with your flats if you wanna go for a casual, comfy get-up just like what I did here. So versatile!
yesh5deal (eBay) skorts
I’m also loving my new Bonjour shirt from France. Lol hahaha Just kidding. Got it from one of my shopping trips for Just Chic (we have a new collection, please check it out!) and as usual, I bought one for myself too. However, it’s currently out of stock (this one’s the last piece) so I wasn’t able to sell it online. 🙁
Crave More bracelets | Just Chic shirt | From Bangkok watch
I forgot to wear my mustache ring! And I didn’t realize it until James pointed it out to me. I was in a hurry to get dressed  (coz it was my dad’s birthday) so I had no time to go over my accessories. Sigh. It would’ve been a perfect match to my shirt. But at least I didn’t forget to wear my white sling bag. It’s one of my oldest bags, actually. James gave it to me as a gift for my 21st birthday I think. Well, he can’t remember it anymore! Haha We’re so sweet.
Sling bag from James
Earrings from Lissa Kahayon (BU5) | Colour Collection Red Wine lipstick 
Now, don’t you love my new hairstyle? You guys should congratulate me for achieving this almost-curly-but-wavy-instead hair! Haha It’s still a fail but at least I was able to come up with something new aside from my usual long, straight hair. Thanks to Goody’s spin pins I didn’t have to spend so much time with my curling iron to have this look. I just tied it up in a bun (our househelp did it for me) then removed the pins after 4-5 hours, then voila! Wavy hair, it is!
Finally, to end this post is my super comfy, ultra cute kitty flats from Bangkok! Got it from Baiyoke’s night market. It’s so cheap yet so adorable! :3 Bangkok really is one of the best shopping destinations! ♥
From Bangkok flats
So, what do you think of my outfit? Hope you like it! 🙂
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