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Blog Your Dreams

Blog Your Dreams
If you’ve been following other fashion blogs, I’m sure you’ve come across to this title before. Yup,it’s from Bershka’s “Blog Your Dreams” clutch which is, after all, a blogger’s favorite!



I got this clutch from one of my random trips to Bershka a couple of months ago. It was one of those “I-wont-shop-titingin-lang-ako” days! (which do not exist actually coz I was never good in controlling my impulsive self) Hahaha. Well, who can say no to this baby? Bloggers out there would definitely agree! It comes in other designs too so if you’re not a blogger, no need to worry! I saw one with “Too pretty to work” written on it which I find cute, too! It’s on sale the last time I checked so gora na to Bershka if you want something like this! 🙂
Is this outfit familiar to you? No? Aww, that means you don’t follow me on Facebook and Instagram! 🙁 Well, at least you’re checking my blog now. Haha. Thank you!:)



Another one of those looks which I had fun playing with colors and of course, prints! I love everything about this look except for the fact that it made me look a bit darker in photos than usual. Hahaha! But it must be the lighting, not my clothes nor skin. #defensive


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I wore this summer inspired outfit to The Mind Museum last Father’s Day when I had my hair stand out in all directions by the Static Van de Graaff (see photo here). Haha! You guys should check it out! As well as the other fun and informative stuff in The Mind Museum. I never enjoyed museums as a kid but this one is totally different! Even kids-at-heart would enjoy it!
Victoria’s Secret top (from my mom) 
Going back to my outfit, didn’t realize until now that I wore a lot of my purchases from Bloggers United  5 in this look. Take these shorts for example. It’s from Camille Co! 🙂
Earrings from Lissa Kahayon | Bangle from Tracy Ayson
Shoes from Aie Corpuz
Oh how I love these shoes! I was having a hard time finding a pair with the same size as mine (coz all the other bloggers seem to have bigger sizes) when these beauties caught my attention. I was like Cinderella finding her glass shoes! Lol
MAC Matte Embrace Me lipstick
How do you like my look? I was supposed to tell you a secret but then I changed my mind. Haha! I’m just gonna wait if there’s anyone from you who noticed something different in these photos. 😛 Feel free to comment here or just tweet me! 😛


Hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!
Photos by James Duero
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