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Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Be Yourself
Sunday is definitely the busiest day of the week for me coz it’s the only time I have to process orders and finish all those pending tasks for my online shop, Just Chic. So for this particular Sunday, I decided to wear something comfortable and laid back to make sure nothing will hinder me in doing my errands. Say hello to my most favorite shirt ever!

As Oscar Wilde once said, “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” I couldn’t agree more on this! While others spend a lot of their time comparing themselves to others, I try and do my best to focus more on improving myself everyday. It’s a good habit I plan to keep on doing; it made my days lighter and happier. Less stress, more love! 🙂 That’s why when I saw this shirt on Tee Culture, there’s no thinking twice! Bought it right away!

SM Tee Culture shirt

I don’t usually wear t-shirts whenever I go out coz often times, I find them too simple and casual. So thank God there’s Tee Culture! They have the coolest and hippiest designs everrrr! I actually had a hard time choosing which one to get if I have not seen this orange (my fave color!) shirt. I am planning to go back there one of these days to buy the other designs. hahaha! I’m telling you, guys. You should visit them at the SM Dept. Store Boys Teens’ Wear section and see it for yourself! Don’t worry, I saw a couple of girls buying their tees too so you wouldn’t feel awkward trying out those shirts that are originally intended for the boys. Haha! See? That’s how versatile their designs are! Even girls can wear them!
I’m also loving my new boxer shorts from Topshop! I’ve never tried wearing one outside the comforts of my home before (my mom was shocked when she saw me wearing this) so it kinda felt weird at first. But then, this pair is so chic and comfy, I didn’t mind wearing it despite being a bit short! lol
Topshop shorts | Asterisk watch
H&M sneakers
Shall post this next week on Lookbook and Chictopia. It’s one look/week only, according to my rules. Haha!
Wacky/pa-cute pose to end this post! Good night, y’all! Thanks for reading! xx
Photos by James Duero
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