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Back on track.

Back on track.

Back on track.
I’ve been busy for the past few days. I just got back to work from a 2-month “leave” and our helper’s still on a vacation so I have to help my mom with some household chores and store duties.
I just wanna show you guys what kept me busy (and happy) while I was still on this “unexpected” leave.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center Rehabilitation Medicine
Gym! Haha Kidding. I always call this place a gym because it really looks like one but the truth is, I used to have my therapy sessions here. I had a pelvic fracture due to a vehicular accident last December, 2011 and was confined at this hospital for 8 days. Thank God no operation was done but I was advised by my doctor to have 6 weeks bed rest (pretty long, right?) and to undergo therapy sessions so I can use my left leg again. I used crutches during the first 3 weeks; 4th week I started walking without it; and before I reached my 6th week, I can walk properly again. Thank God!:)
I do not know the name of this thing but it is used to lessen the pain (according to my therapist) at the fracture site. It has wires/chords attached to it (sorry, I really don’t know how it is called.haha) which in turn are attached to my upper left leg (pubis region) and sends out what felt like electrical impulses. I hope I made sense there! Haha 😛
These are some of the leg exercises I was asked to do. Biking was my favorite! Haha Because I can check my Facebook and Twitter while doing it (Thanks to the hospital’s free wifi!haha).
So that was it. Who said you can’t be happy while recovering from an unfortunate event? It really just depends on how you take in the situation. I am lucky to have my wonderful parents, supportive boyfriend, reliable friends, and of course God who made my whole recuperation period bearable. I really can’t thank them enough! 🙂
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