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Almost Swifty

Almost Swifty

Almost Swifty
I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift, but I do love and have memorized some of her songs (I remember James making fun of me when I sang Sparks Fly with all my So when I came across this photo of her in an almost the same outfit as mine, I know I just have to post it. Haha Look at our identical skirts and shoes! :))


Her sneakers from Keds and mine from H&M look soooo the same! And the skirts! Both skater and in the exact same color! Haha We’re both wearing sunnies and 3/4 sleeve blouse (mine is a cardigan actually) too! Lol. #amazeballs



Anyway, since Taylor made me blog about this look (first name basis. yeah, we’re that close. lol), I might as well tell you the whole story behind it. I wore this outfit on our half day city tour in Bangkok wherein we visited the Wat Suthat temple (if I am not mistaken. haha I already forgot the name of this temple), the Standing Buddha, the Gems Gallery and a leather shop (which I forgot the name too. #travelbloggerfail). The photos here were taken at Wat Suthat and Standing Buddha only coz taking pictures isn’t allowed at the Gems Gallery, and if my memory serves me right, I think the same goes with the leather shop too. The photo above was taken at the Standing Buddha.


Tourist mode at Wat Suthat.


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Barefoot coz shoes aren’t allowed inside the temple.
I love how the colors in the background made my eyes look blue and therefore matching my blue green skirt! (hello there, photo bomber kid! lol)
Bubbles skirt
Just Chic tank | Bershka cardigan 
from Landmark bag
H&M shoes
Thank God I bought these shoes the day before when we went to Paragon Mall to shop. I only brought 1 pair of flats with me, which unfortunately did not match this outfit (coz they’re gold). Shopping, once again, saved my life! Haha


Next stop is the Temple of the Standing Buddha. Apparently, the main feature here is this 32-meter high, 24-carat gold Buddha. #woah


Forever 21 sunnies
So, what do you think of my almost Taylor Swift outfit? Yay or nay?
My backlogs are nearing zero. Yey! #bestbloggeraward Shall blog about my last outfit/travel post on Bangkok soon so stay tuned! xoxo 😉
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