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2017 Year-ender: Back from Hiatus

2017 Year-ender: Back from Hiatus


It’s been quite a while since I’ve blogged consistently. I’ve always been a seasonal blogger (I remember having a blog before that I named “” lol), but the past two years have been the most challenging years for me, in terms of blogging. I say challenging cause I’ve been to quite a few places that I would want to blog about, and also got some sponsored post proposals here and there, but I just couldn’t find the time to actually sit down and write a post. I still have it in me though, the passion for blogging, but my priorities have changed a lot over the past couple years. I would still try my best to keep this blog alive from time to time and whenever I can. After all, I think if not for my blog (and fashion blogging cause that’s how I started) I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Doesn’t make sense? Read on and I’ll try to explain it more.

Before I start, all the pictures in this post were taken in San Diego, California. I went on a vacation about two months ago and visited places in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. I won’t be talking about the places I’ve been to though, cause I don’t really do travel posts. Just thought I’ll post some of the pictures here, and not on Facebook, cause that’s what my introverted self prefers to do. lol



So moving on, some of you are probably wondering why I’m in the United States right now.
“Aren’t you in Korea?”
“Are you doing fashion now in the US?”
“Are you there for good?” 
“Are you on fiance visa?” and/or “Are you married/engaged now?” (lol, these two questions surprise me the most 😅)
These are just some of the questions people asked me when I started posting pictures on Facebook. I’m going to answer these questions now, not because I owe anyone an explanation, but mainly because the details are important to me and I want to keep everything documented.
2015- I was in Korea for four months for internship/training. I took a short course in Fashion Merchandising sometime in 2013 (I did this while working full time as a medical technologist) and the school that I attended sort of teamed up with a Korean garment manufacturing company that offered an all expense paid internship, with allowance and housing. I tried my luck and got accepted. It was during that time when I felt so into fashion that I thought, “This is it. This is the career change I’ve been waiting for.” So, I quit my job (which I had for 3 years) and decided to take the plunge. “You’ll never know unless you try”, I thought to myself. After my training in Seoul, the company decided to assign me to work at their office in Vietnam. So I went back to the Philippines to process some documents and my work visa. It was during this time when I felt I was not happy with the job and there’s definitely no way I could keep doing it for the rest of my (working) life. There was no sense of purpose and fulfillment. I also started getting terrible headaches due to muscle spasms around my shoulder area and had to undergo therapy sessions to ease the pain. My doctor advised me to go on a 3-week leave for the therapy and when the company didn’t allow me to have it (despite having a doctor’s request), I decided it was time to go. Health comes first, doesn’t it?


2016 – To make the long story short, I just woke up one day in 2016 realizing I wanted to go back to my profession and pursue a career abroad. I did some research, weighed the pros and cons, and eventually came down to a decision: I would apply for a medical technologist job in the US. I was told it wasn’t easy to find a job in the US and the processing of documents would take a long time, not to mention the huge amount of money it involved. I’m blessed to have very supportive parents, who supported me in every way they can (both financial and moral) and all I had to do was to give my best and stay focused. I enrolled in a review class and took the American certification exam for medical technologists (ASCPi). After passing that one, I then took the English Proficiency exam (IELTS). These two were just some of the requirements I needed to comply to be qualified to apply in the US. So fast forward to now, I’m no longer doing fashion. I’m in the US working as a medical technologist.


Now that I think about it, everything starts to make sense. If I didn’t take that opportunity in Korea, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to move across the globe and live on my own. I grew up sheltered, but I’ve always wondered how it’s like to live outside of my comfort zone. I think the independence I had in Korea changed my perspective and attitude. I remember when I was walking to work on my first day of training in Seoul, I had this feeling that I was there not for the career but for something else. I knew I was there for a reason, and it’s more than just a career change. I’m not going to lie, when I came back to the Philippines four months later, I knew a lot has changed in me. And it was the kind of change I had been waiting for all my life.
As of now, I’ll be in the US for at least three years. It could be longer, could be for good. I guess I’ll find out eventually.


And finally, to answer the last two questions, I’m on a work visa and still single. My dating life is another story I would like to keep private for now. 😉


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Hello from Korea!!!

Like what I said on my Instagram post, 2017 is by far the most challenging yet rewarding year of my life. It was a year of discovering capabilities, achieving goals and fulfilling God’s plans. I initially made this post for myself, as a reminder of the process I had to go through in order to find my place in this world. But if there’s anyone out there reading this right now who feels lost and uncertain, I hope my journey somehow gave you a reason to keep believing that one day you’ll find yourself. Don’t be afraid to try things and to take calculated risks. I got into blogging cause I got interested in fashion and the more I blogged, the more I became drawn to it (fashion) which, in turn, led me to study Fashion Merchandising and the rest was history. See how everything makes sense now? I never imagined it would turn out this way, but I’m so happy it did. It’s the plot twist I never knew I needed.





I’m going to end this post now cause it’s getting really long and it’s also getting late. I hope you liked what you have read here (sorry if it took much of your time 😛) as well as the photos. These were taken at Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Duke’s La Jolla (my favorite!) in San Diego, CA. I also went to Pacific Beach but didn’t have enough pictures to share. San Diego is a very nice city. If I have to choose a favorite out of the three cities I visited in California, it would definitely be San Diego. I would love to move there someday, who knows.
Happy New Year, guys! I wish you all nothing but the best this 2018. Keep the faith and trust the process. 💓
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