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The Spa Wellness Shangri-La East Wing — NOW OPEN
The Spa Wellness Shangri-La East Wing — NOW OPEN


Last January 28, I was invited to attend the launch of The Spa Wellness’ newest branch in Shangri-La Plaza East Wing. I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about this place before but never had the chance to visit any of their branches, that’s why I was so thrilled to find out that, finally, they’re opening a branch in Shangri-La! So near from where I live!
When I arrived at the venue, I was welcomed by its aromatic scent and relaxing ambiance. I just came from work and was a bit tired so spending the rest of the night in this place was the perfect stress reliever.
As soon as everyone in the room was settled down, the event started. We were toured around the place and as we go along, we were informed that The Spa Wellness has 3 house brands: The Spa, barre 3 and SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center. This newly opened branch in Shangri-La East Wing is the second branch that carries all three house brands. How lucky can I (I mean us who live near the area) get right? Been wanting to try barre3 for the longest time!




I’m planning to start a serious (lol) and decent work out program for myself and was actually considering to try barre3. Good thing they have it here in Shang. I can now experience complete fitness as I enjoy the 60-minute barre 3 class that combines Yoga, Pilates and ballet barre. That is, if I’ll have the discipline and courage to enroll myself in one. Wehehe The barre 3 studio can accommodate up to 19 students per class, sooo anyone wanna join me? :))



The Spa Wellness is much like the “secret garden” near the business district in Ortigas Center. With its luxurious and relaxing feel, this place is, without any doubt, the ultimate escape from the busy city. So if you’re that someone who’s almost always tired and stressed out because of work, I suggest you visit The Spa Wellness and try the treatments that one of their house brands, The Spa, is offering.



You can also try their premium suites (the most luxurious among all accommodations) and avail those premium spa massages and services. Or enjoy lux pampering and do “sparties” with your loved ones. The choice is yours!


But if the thing that stresses you most is your skin (like me! ugh), then going to The Spa Wellness is still the solution! Book an appointment at SKIN Dermatology and Laser Center and have your skin checked by dermatologists from the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS). They use modern equipment and perform non-invasive skin treatments for you to have that beautiful, radiant skin. I also love that their “clinics” have this chic and elegant look which will help you feel comfortable during your stay.

After the tour, we were given a chance to try any of their services. And because my feet were so tired from all the walking and standing that I did that day at work, I decided to try their Thai Foot Massage.

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The Thai Foot Massage is a 60-minute service available in all The Spa Wellness branches. This relaxing treatment starts off with lukewarm foot soak. After which, lotion is applied to both legs. It is then finished off with the use of a wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points and a massage using thumb pressure.


Thai Foot Massage helps release toxins, regulate appetite and digestive problems, fight insomnia, headache and stress. I don’t have photos of the whole treatment coz of course, the light was dim and it was too inappropriate to take photos. Hehe. But I assure you that it’s a must try! Especially for the ladies who like to wear sky high heels all day long. Our feet deserve some pampering, too.

Thank you, The Spa Wellness Shangri-La East Wing, for this very relaxing treat! My feet loved it! Hehe For more information about their services and treatments, you can contact them at 656-7878 / 656-6868 (Shangri-La East Wing Branch) or visit I also posted their official press release here.

But before I end this post, here’s what I wore to the event. What do you think? Details and stories about this look on my next posts, okay? Thanks for dropping by my blog today! 🙂 xoxo

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