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Summer Style

Summer Style

Summer Style
Today was a free day and I had the chance to spend it whole day at home. So after doing my work out, I checked my email and came across this message that involves creating a summer look for a certain brand. It was stated in the instructions that it has to be something “Polyvore-like”. I’m kinda familiar with Polyvore, but haven’t really tried using it before. Curious, I checked the site and tried creating a collage. I had so much fun that I forgot to make one for the brand and ended up doing an inspiration board for my summer wardrobe. Haha Thought I should share it with you coz I almost spent my entire afternoon doing this. Lol Mixing and matching clothes, shoes and accessories is one of the best things that I love about fashion. It’s so fun! So, here it is. My first ever Polyvore set!
Well, obviously, the theme is laid-back summer. It’s my default style, guys. I love wearing comfortable clothes and shoes where in I can move freely, especially during hot days. I also have a strong fascination with denim cut offs and loose tops (you know that very well, right?) that I’ll never get tired seeing them in my closet. However, for this set, I decided to come up with 3 different laid-back looks. First one is rugged casual, second is edgy sexy, and third is sophisticated chic. How I wish I can buy all these stuff but they’re too damn expensive (except for that Forever 21 floral cropped top)!
Anyway, for the first look, I opted to go all out casual with a little ruggedness. I was supposed to pair it with the usual sneakers or Chucks but changed my mind the moment I saw this JC flatform sneakers. Ahhh, gotta have this pair in my life!!! Or something similar but not so pricey. Wehehehe

For the second outfit, I chose to play with florals and went matchy-matchy. I used to enjoy doing print on print a lot before, but since I have a tendency to overdo it, I decided to stay away from it for a while. It doesn’t seem appropriate on my “lazy day” looks too coz it doesn’t make me feel relaxed unlike when I’m wearing matching clothes (aka the no-fail outfit). This particular number might be too sexy for me to wear in real life but I think I can pull it off by wearing a cardigan or a bomber jacket as a cover up.

The third outfit has got to be my most favorite out of all the three. You might have already noticed it by now (if you’re a regular reader of this blog) how much of a sucker I am for anything black and white. I am drooling over this H&M satin top which is the perfect example of both sexy and chic. With its crossover shoulder straps plus this beautiful kimono from Chesca, it’s hard to say no to this outfit. Paired with cut off shorts, flats, chic sunnies and my dream Celine bag, this look is my laid-back summer peg of all time! ♥

How about you? What’s your summer style for this year? 🙂 I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time in Polyvore now. Haha So, care to follow me? See you there! 🙂

Photos from Polyvore
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