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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 Day 5: Hear Me Roar
Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 Day 5: Hear Me Roar

Out of the three designer shows that I watched during the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012, this one featuring the collections of Chris Jasler, Melchor Guinto, Philipp Tampus and Veejay Floresca is my favorite. There’s something unique in each collection; something you would definitely love.

First on the list: Chris Jasler’s collection. Its fun and edgy vibe made it my favorite collection along with Veejay Floresca’s.


See that chain on the model’s left shoulder? That’s the strap of his denim sling bag, which later transformed into…





pants! haha How cool, right? The top was inside that bag/pants too!


An edgy all black outfit is something that you wouldn’t see me wearing because I feel like I wouldn’t be able to pull it off without looking “emo”. LOL But after I saw this collection, I was like, “Wow! Never thought it would be this great!” Only Chris Jasler knows how to do it well!

Spikes, studs, and glitters were everywhere!



There’s a cute dog on the runway!



Chris Jasler
Next is Melchor Guinto’s collection. I love how he made the usual corporate/office wear sophisticated! And since I am a frustrated office girl (LOL. I’m a Medical Technologist so I always wear scrub suit), this collection made me even more jealous than I already am. Haha!


Instead of the usual black and gray slacks, why not try something different just to spice things up? Try vibrant colors. Red is definitely on top of my list, if you would ask me.


Midnight blue is good too!

I super love this blazer! *drools*




Melchor Guinto
The third collection is by Philipp Tampus. If I were to wear a gown, I would choose one from this collection.

The designs were simply elegant. I am lost for words!


Love the colors! Plus they’re bright and flowy!


Cut outs! What’s not to love?

One of my favorites! I would love to have this gown in my closet!





Just perfect.



This one is so unique! Instant favorite!


Filipina Supermodel Charo Ronquillo.




Philipp Tampus


Last but not the least, the collection of none other than, Veejay Floresca. Say goodbye to the traditional Barong because Veejay Floresca reinvented it for the women of the 21st century! Fabulous!







Gotta love Charo Ronquillo!


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The Lifestyle Bazaar

Leather accents <3





Sheer sleeves <3






The modern Barong looks good on Charo Ronquillo. Effortless beauty.







Veejay Floresca
The show started and ended with a bang. From Chris Jasler’s edgy rock collection to Veejay Floresca’s quintessential designs, what more can you ask for?






After watching the show, I can’t help but feel proud that we have talented designers like them. Brilliant Filipino designers with world class talent ! #PinoyPride
But they weren’t the only ones I was proud of that night. I was also proud of myself! haha Why? Because I managed to create another “unprepared” outfit out of the clothes that I already have in my closet (with a little help from my sister’s too haha). And that is one big success! Lol But seriously, dressing up can be stressful at times, especially if it’s for a big event like the Philippine Fashion Week. But the opportunity’s already there and you can’t just let that pass because you do not have something to wear, right? So here’s what I came up.
What I wore to Philippine Fashion Week Day 5


I looooove this leopard print palazzo pants! My closest friends would know why! haha Animal prints have a special spot in my heart cos I find them so chic, fierce and fab. What made this pants extra special for me is it’s sheer fabric! Super statement piece! I think that’s why the people from asked me if they can have my photo taken. And who am I to say no, right? I felt like a celebrity! LOL If ever someone from Style Bible is reading this right now, just wanna say thanks for noticing! 🙂 I would love to see the photo too so I hope you can send me the link. Thank you in advance!
Genevieve Gozum palazzo pants
The Little Things She Needs pumps
Bangles from a bazaar | Queen Street bag 


 Top from my sister
For the final touch, I got my leopard print scarf and tied it around my head. Voila! Instant headband!
Earrings and scarf (worn as headband) from a bazaar
I just realized that all of my accessories here were bought from bazaars! Haha That’s how much I love going to bazaars!
How do you like my look? Special thanks to my dad for taking my outfit photos! Haha Pwede na bang photographer? 😛
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