Heyyy, guys! How's 2015 treating you so far? The holidays went by so fast that I wasn't able to do anything blog-related aside from answering a few emails. Gosh, I missed blogging! Currently having time management problems because of my new work schedule. More deets on that soon, hopefully! :D

Anyhow, I'm happy that I was able to find some free time today (though I have to sacrifice not getting my nails done haha). I'm just gonna make this super short and quick because it's already late and I have to leave early for work tomorrow. 

If you're following me on Instagram, you might have seen this look already. This is actually a throwback outfit shot from 3 months ago. Haha I wore this to last year's Blogapalooza, which also happened to be my 26th birthday. Looking back on that day and remembering the unexpected turn of events still make me sad until now. So pardon me for looking dull and different in these photos. :/

Thank God Shekinah and Christine were there to take my outfit shot. Huhu Thanks, girls! :*

Leaving you now with these photos. Happy New Year, loves! I know I've been a very bad blogger for the past months, so thank you very much for still visiting my blog. Will make it up to you guys soon!

Top: H&M
Kimono: Just Chic
Skirt: Terranova
Shoes: Aldo
Bag: from Baguio
Necklace: friend's gift

Hope you like my outfit! Hype this look on Lookbook and Chictopia!



  1. Lovely outfit!


  2. Yes I love your outfit! I'm a fan of kimonos too! :)

    Janine | Lime & Life

  3. Looking really great Shayne!

    love lots,

  4. Nice one! Everything looks great put together :)
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  5. I love your kimono :)

    Aissa // tea in january

  6. I tried to follow via GFC but it doesn't seem to work dunnow why hehe

  7. Such an effortless and simple outfit, yet you make it look so chic!!