Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 Day 4

Working on my backlogs again. Marami pa to, guys! Bear with me please. Haha

Another successful Philippine Fashion Week has just passed and I'm thankful to be able to watch a couple of shows again for this season, the Holiday 2013. Though I wasn't able to watch the weekday shows (coz it didn't fit my sched), my weekends were pretty full with different designer shows.

One of the best shows that I watched for this season was the ""Magnum Presents Luxewear Collection and Katutubo". My eyes were fixed the whole time at the runway coz I don't wanna miss any of the designs! Indeed, we really have the best fashion designers.

Yes, it's the super hot and gorgeous Georgina Wilson! Unfortunately, I do not have a close up picture of her so I grabbed this photo from Such a hottie!

Photo from
The Luxewear Collection showcased designs by Anthony Ramirez, Harley Ruedas, Julius Tarog, Melvin Lachica, Peter Lim, Roel Rosal, Roland Lirio, Ronaldo Arnaldo, Sidney Perez Sio, Simon Ariel Vasquez, Tina Daniac, Vania Romoff, and Veejay Floresca. I took a lot of photos on this event so I just decided to post those which for me are the best ones. Let's get started!

Anthony Ramirez

What's not to love with this long, black gown? It's classic, elegant, and sexy all rolled into one!

Harley Ruedas

I've always loved the designs of Harley Ruedas simply because of his love for florals and intricate details. And in this collection, he made it better by choosing the colors red and black. Perfect for evening parties and events!

Peter Lim

I'm sure you will agree that this look is just way too cool to pass up. I'm digging that blonde hair. Don't you?

Ronaldo Arnaldo

Black and white ensemble has got to be one of the biggest trends this year. And Ronaldo Arnaldo totally nailed it with these designs.

Tina Daniac

Cool shoes!!!!

Tina Daniac describes her style as "avant-garde luxe". I think that explains her beautiful creations above. Edgy, sexy, futuristic. Love it!

Vania Romoff

Omg I love this gown!!! Subtly sexy!

Veejay Floresca

We've come to the best part of this blog post: the collection of none other than, Veejay Floresca. I'm such a big fan of his designs and I think I don't have to explain why. I mean, look at these colorful and shiny pieces above. So chic and fabulous, right? Veejay's designs capped off the Luxewear Collection with a bang!

The next part of the show was the collection entitled "Katutubo". It featured the designs of  Delby Bragais, Jaki Peñalosa, Gerry Katigbak, and EsAc by Ronald Mendoza and AudieAE.

Delby Bragais

I'm such a sucker for black and red combinations. It's like black and white but a bit more sexy. The material used in this collection is Inabel Ilocos.

The fashionable crowd, all eyes on the runway.

Jaki Peñalosa

Another one of my favorites. Piña Fiber was used to create these versatile pieces. It's a proudly Pinoy collection!

EsAc by Ronald Mendoza

White and gray. Another classic!

EsAc by AudieAE

AudieAE's designs ended the show with his simple yet elegant dresses for the females and sexy swimwear for the males.

So, that's it! Sorry for the lengthy blog post. I just want to document everything that was worth documenting. Haha What can you say about the designers' collections? Comments are very much welcome! Big thanks to Ms. Jaki Peñalosa for my invites to this show! :)