Late Night Shiz

Hello there my readers (though I don't think I have one. haha)! It's been a very, very busy week! I'm currently working on something new which I can't share to you guys YET. But I will, just waiting for the right time. Haha may ganon! So anyway, below are some of the photos from last week. James and I went on a date (after 10 years!) and watched The Amazing Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield is so hotttt! <3 *drools*

First time to try Pepper Lunch. So yummy! Definitely coming back for my own pepper rice experience! And I say own, cause I actually ordered for pepper rice but I was so hungry and excited to eat, I didn't notice that it was just plain rice! :( So I ended up eating 1/4 of James' order. Lol

I never really liked togue! And James took this photo as an evidence. :P

My haggard/sleepless face and a few look photos which I decided not to post anywhere but here because they are not "lookbook-worthy". haha There was a sudden change in the atmosphere that night and my energy just went down the drain...

But I plan to re-shoot this look (hopefully) soon! That is, after I am done with those weekly appointments that I have with my dermatologist. Ah, I can't wait to take look photos again! I have sooo many new stuff to show you guys! In fact, I already came up with 3 looks including this one. Excited? Well, I am too!! Just wait! Haha

For the meantime, can you please check out my Lookbook page and let me know what you think about my looks? Cause people has been asking me what my style is and I honestly don't know what to say! Haha A little help from you guys will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)



  1. Teh ang taray lang! Kuma-camille co lng! Hahaha miss you -tine

    1. hahaha miss you teh!!! photoshoot na please! :*

  2. Cute color combo! ;-)

    We can follow each other via Google Friend Connect if you like, just let me know! Here's my blog link: