A Little Boho

Took advantage of our empty garage and asked my mom (as usual) to take my outfit photos before we went to the mall to watch The Avengers. It was my second time to watch the movie and I think I'll never get tired watching it! Definitely one of the best movies for 2012!

Anyway, on to my outfit. Would you believe that the top I'm wearing here is actually a dress? Its layered design made a pseudo-cropped top effect which perfectly matched my high waist tulle skirt! Amazing, right? 

Ann Taylor dress (worn as top) | Thrifted skirt

MSE clogs

As much as I love wearing flats because of the comfort it brings to my feet, I can't deny that heels really add that extra appeal to any outfit, especially if you're a short girl like me. HAHA Just don't forget to bring flats wherever you go so you won't have to drag your feet the whole day. :)

And for a little bohemian vibe, I wore this cute boho inspired headband (which I forgot the brand, sorry :D ) and long feather earrings in purple for a sudden pop of color.

Headband from a store in Greenhills Mall | Earrings from a bazaar

Elisha Collections stacked rings | Silver ring from James

I'll tell you a secret. These stacked rings are pretty much not my size and because there's no way of adjusting them, I wore this ring (which James gave me as a first anniversary gift) as a stopper so it won't fall off. And it worked! Haha It's like hitting two birds with one stone! Fashion and function! :)

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  1. very cute outfit!! I especially love your ring!!

    xo kerker
    The Ugly Moments

  2. I second demotion! I really adore the rings, sooo lovely! But of course more credits to the one who wears it. :)

    1. Haha Thank you dear! yeah, the rings are so cute! So I did everything just to wear it! :P

  3. cute look!


  4. I love the skirt! <3

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