I Have A Dream

This is a concrete example of a "tiis-ganda" look. I braved the intense heat and blazing sun just to take this outfit shot. All for the love of blogging. Haha

Anyway, this sheer blouse that I'm wearing here is a dream come true! I've been eyeing this top since the day I saw it on Fayenesss Shop, checking (and praying) every now and then if it's still available. I didn't buy it right away cause there were so many other things that I want to buy at that moment and I might just go overboard with my expenses again. I checked other stores, but didn't find something like this (except for Romwe, but it's more expensive.haha) so one day, I finally decided to follow my heart's desire and bought it! :D

Fayenesss sequined collar blouse

 Don't you just love this skirt, too? If my top is a dream come true, this one is love at first sight! haha

Tomato pleated skirt

Cozy flats

I love that this ring says a lot about what everyone has in mind right now- I HAVE A DREAM. It serves both as a reminder and inspiration, right? 

Fayenesss ring | Just Chic necklace

And to complete the classic look, I wore this vintage necklace from Just Chic. It's not yet available online (still working on it) but if you're interested in buying it, just like our page and send us a message. Or you can also tweet me!

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  1. i love your top! anything with sparkly details, yes please! and the ring is super rad.

    xo, Carla

    1. Thanks Carla! I'm inlove with anything sparkly too! Haha Glad you liked it! :)

  2. Yes, its getting very hot to be wearing black, but all in the name of fashion! <3
    I love the whole outfit xx


    1. Yeah, fashion over comfort! haha Thank you Taliena!:)